Best Water Purifiers for Home 2022

Safe drinking water is the need of the hour. You cannot just rely on tap water. Something more reliable and effective is what you need. If you think the water you drink daily is not safe, go for a water purifier.

But how will you know which water purifier does the best job? Well, this is what this article is all about. We’ve listed the best water purifiers available in India. You’ll find water purifiers with R.O. and U.V. protection from the most trusted brands.

Best Water Purifiers in India

However, it may be quite hard for you to decide. And for this, we have crafted a buying guide for you. It’s specifically created for buying water purifiers. You’ll get to know what you should look for in a water purifier. So, you go can through the guide and make a decision you never regret.

1) LG Water Purifier

LG WW151NP RO+UV Water Purifier 8L

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We’ll start the list with one of the best electronics brands, which is L.G. This L.G. Water Purifier comes with an 8-liter capacity and has a stainless-steel tank. It also comes with multi-stage R.O. or Reverse Osmosis for added protection. It offers incredibly pure water by eliminating metals, bacteria, and viruses.

It comes with a one-year warranty, meant explicitly for the product, and an eleven-month warranty for the tank. You’ll also get one-year maintenance on this product. This water purifier from L.G. is an ultimate option that offers a unique style and is effective too! 


  • Stylish Look
  • It comes with the latest Multi-layer Reverse Osmosis technology for effective purification
  • It comes with a one-year warranty


  • It may seem costly as compared to other variants
  • Maintenance also becomes high after the warranty expires
  • No TDS Adjuster

2) Konvio Neer Amrit RO

Konvio Neer Amrit RO + UV + UF + TDS Adjuster Water Purifier with Advance UV and High TDS 3000 Membrane (Blue, Mineral)

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Here’s an Indian water purification brand, Konvio, which knows the water purification needs of the Indians. The Konvio Neer Amrit is a multi-functionality water purifier that comes with U.F., U.V., R.O., and a TDS adjuster. Not many water purifiers at this range offer such amazing features.

This water purifier lets you purify up to 150 liters of water every day. This water purifier comes with a Japanese U.V. lamp, which kills the germs when you store water for a long time. You can get an amazing warranty of a year from the manufacturer against any defects within the product.


  • Light in weight and very effective
  • It comes with a TDS controller and offers R.O. and U.V. protection.
  • Cost-effective water purifier.


  • It comes with a plastic container which is less durable
  • Installation costs may not be appropriate for everyone, especially if you expect a free installation

3) Remino Copper Advanced Premium RO

Remino Copper + Alkaline Advanced Premium RO Water Purifier with UV, UF & TDS for home 12 Liters, 8 Stage (Made in India)

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Reino is an Indian water purifier manufacture known for producing affordable water purifying solutions. It comes with U.V., U.F., and TDS adjuster. It has a capacity of around 12 liters and follows an eight-stage procedure for delivering safe drinking water. This unit is equipped with an attractive, transparent cover, which adds a unique style to this device. The alkaline copper design and 12-liter capacity make it one of the best options for home use. It also comes with a 1-year warranty. So, you can use it without stressing much about it.


  • Offers amazing, safe drinking water using its 8-stage purification system
  • Offers quite a lot of features at an amazing price


  • It may remove the natural elements necessary for the human body

4) P-Link® Grey Edition RO

P-Link Mini RO + ALKALINE 10Liter Water Purifier, Come With Installation Kit.

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P-Link is known to be India’s first water purifier brand that offers a national warranty Card. It offers cool water purifiers at reasonable prices. The P-Link Grey Edition comes with a daily capacity of around fifty liters. It’s a pretty compact water purifier suited for a compact family. It has an ABS food-grade material, which makes this purifier durable and effective.

It uses a unique purifying technique of R.O. with U.V. with TDS and alkaline. It’s the alkaline filter, which makes it quite unique and more effective. When you buy this product, you’ll get all the fitting accessories along with it. It also comes along with a one-year warranty for carefree usage.


  • Uses advanced technology for purification
  • Food grade plastic for long, long usage.
  • It offers a warranty of one year.


  • Heavy in weight and is quite small in size

5) Kent - 11076 New Grand

Kent - 11076 New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV+ UF + TDS (White) 20 litre/hr Water Purifier

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Who doesn’t know about Kent? Kent water purifiers are one of the best-known water purifiers here in India. Whether it’s the design or effectiveness, Kent never disappoints its customers.  This purifier from Kent has an amazing purification speed of over 20 liters per hour. The water holding capacity it comes with is about 8 liters.

This capacity is quite suitable for small families. It also comes with a water level indicator and TDS adjuster. All in all, it’s equipped with all those amazing features a water purifier should have. It’ll also help you retain those essential elements or minerals necessary for the human body.


  • Purification speed of over 20 liters and hour
  • It comes with a level indicator and TDS controller and offers amazingly safe drinking water.
  • The water storage capacity of about 8 liters


  • Free installation, as many customers will expect, is not available with this device.

6) Havells Delite DX

Havells Delite DX 100% RO+UV, pH balanced SS Tank Water Purifier

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The Havells Delite DX is an amazing water purifier with an eye-catching design. It’s a 100% RO+UV and pH balanced Water Purifier, which comes with a stainless-steel tank. You’ll also find U.V. and LED protection, which makes the water even safer for drinking.

It manages the mineral level and offers pH-balanced water, which is perfect for drinking. It comes with a membrane enhancer, which helps increase this water purifier’s durability and overall life. It has a one-year warranty and a splash-free brass tap.


  • Looks very beautiful and comes with stainless steel tank and a brass tap
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Equipped with the best technology to deliver safe and mineral-rich drinking water.


  • It may sound very costly when It comes to affordable water purifying solutions.

7) KENT Supreme

KENT Supreme 2020 (11111), Wall Mountable, RO + UF + TDS Control + UV in Tank, 8 L Tank, White, 20 LPH Water Purifier

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Here’s one more option from Kent. It’s the KENT Supreme, which is an amazing water purifier that comes with an 8-liter tank. It’s fast working and has a capacity to purify up to 20 liters of water an hour. It makes use of various technologies, which helps to increase the quality of drinking water.

Unlike other common water purifiers, it’s totally automatic with an auto-cut feature. So, even if you don’t remember to switch it on or off, it’ll automatically make sure to purify water. It has push-fit components which make it run for long and prevent any leakage.


  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • Latest technology and multiple processes to ensure the safety of drinking water
  • Long-lasting design with push-fit components


  • The installation charges for this device are a real pain

8) Eureka Forbes AquaSure

Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS water purifier with 7L Large Tank Water saving (White)

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Eureka Forbes is an Indian brand known for its ultimate products. The Eureka Forbes AquaSure is an amazing water purifier that purifies your water with 3 stage technology. It has a 7 L water storage capacity and comes with MTDS, Reverse Osmosis, and U.V. technology.

It’s a beautiful looking water purifier which is easily mountable and comes with free installation. It has a good warranty for one year and is quite light in weight. It has a unique power-saving mode and a cartridge, which lasts for a long. It also has a one-year warranty. If you need an effective water purifying solution from a brand you can trust, this is the best alternative.


  • It uses MTDS, Ultraviolet, and Reverse osmosis for water purification for safe water
  • Good storage capacity and long-lasting


  • It throws about 650 ml of water for every 1 l water, which is purified.

9) V-Guard Zenora

V-Guard Zenora RO+UF+MB 7 Litre Water Purifier With 7 Stage Purification and pH Balancer, Free Installation & Free External Pre-Filters

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One of the trusted electronics brands in India is V-Guard. And, we’re going to talk about its amazing water purifier, which is  V-Guard Zenora RO+UF+MB. This is an excellent purifier with a capacity of 7 liters. Its 7-stage advanced purification method is what makes it unique and effective. It’s compact and lightweight and you can easily mount it on walls.

You can also enjoy a one-year warranty that covers filters, including electric parts that come along. It has a pre-filter and LED indicators, which make life so easy. It’s a highly rated product and is loved by hundreds of customers.


  • Unique 7 stage purification which makes the water very safe for drinking
  • Trusted brand and one-year comprehensive warranty


  • There’s no TDS adjuster with this device

10) Rk Aquafresh India

R.K. AQUA FRESH INDIA K200 Ultraviolet, Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier - 12 L, 1 Pc

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You may haven’t heard about this brand, but it’s known to produce affordable and pretty amazing water purifiers. We’re talking about R.K. Aqua Fresh. This model comes with a unique active filter copper technology. It’s a transparent yet attractive water purifier which offers you a see-through of internal parts. It has an amazing capacity of about 10 liters, suited for small families.

It offers mineral cartridges useful for retaining minerals and essential elements. So, you can expect nutritious and pure water from this purifier. You’ll also find a TDS adjuster with this purifier, which is not a common feature.


  • Affordable Water Purifier with effective purification
  • Good holding capacity of about 10 liters
  • It comes with a TDS adjuster


  • The company offers a warranty for only three months, which is pretty low as compared to others.

Buying Guide 

For a happy and energetic life, good health is essential. Nowadays, water resources are being contaminated by agricultural pesticides and industrial waste. Water purifiers play a significant role in every household. Apart from drinking clean water, you can use the machine’s removed water for washing and cleaning.

If you’re unsure which water purifier is best for you, kindly go through these guidelines and make your best way out.

1- TDS Value 

TDS or total dissolved solid is a good criterion to know what type of purifier you should prefer. TDS value mainly depends on the source of water. Whether it is groundwater or municipal water, the value varies accordingly. 

Generally, TDS is high for hard water. And for hard drinking water, we recommend an RO purifier. It works pretty well and provides you with clean drinking water. In addition, if you receive water from rivers, lakes, etc., consider buying a UV enabled water purifier.

2- Prefer Quality over Price

You may find really cheap water purifiers. But you should never compromise your health. Some water purifiers are cheap but are not equally effective. And this can deteriorate the quality of the water you drink. 

So, you should focus on better quality and chose a water purifier that uses the latest purifying techniques. 

3- Water Storage

If you have more family members or you want a purifier for your business team, 7-14 liters RO with a storage tank is highly recommended. And for small families, storage capacity up to 7 liters would be fairly sufficient. For a better and continuous supply of water, you can buy an additional storage tank. 

4- Gravity Water Purifier

For rural areas, where electricity cuts are a big problem, gravity-based purifiers work best without electricity. Also, these are portable and can be easily moved around. But one thing to note, they are not an absolute barrier to microorganisms. They just help in settling down the mud, heavy particles, and cyst. 

It’s not the best solution if you live in cities. You can always look for an advanced water purifier that comes with UV protection.

5- UV Water Purifier

This type of purifier uses ultraviolet rays to kill the pathogens. These rays are powerful enough to denature the proteins of bacteria or any other microorganisms. It is just a simple way of disinfecting water. Neither it removes organic debris nor dissolved substances. This is a good option for the water with a TDS value is less than 200ppm on average.

6- Reverse Osmosis 

Although RO purifiers cost you a bit more than other purifiers, they are the most effective and convenient way to purify water. They are good enough to remove hardness from the water. Moreover, as work on the principle of reverse osmosis and easily withdraw invisible impurities. 

7- Material

The material of your purifier also matters a lot. If you go for the mounted water purifier, and have kids at home, choose something sturdy. Water purifiers with stainless steel tanks work the best in such cases. If you live alone, a lightweight plastic purifier will work well too. So, it is vital to know about the product and the brand before making a purchase.

You can choose from some good brands such as KENT, Eureka Forbes, LG, Havells, etc. You can easily check the price details and any other information readily available on the website. Analyze the above information and install the right kind of system at your place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of purifier is suitable for soft water?

For soft water, TDS is generally lower than 200ppm. You can prefer a or UV purifier. Due to lower levels of calcium and magnesium salts in soft water, purification becomes much more comfortable. Besides, you can have many options in designs and styles provided by different companies.

Is there a warranty with a water purifier?

It depends on where you buy the water purifier. If you scroll our list, you’ll only find the water purifiers which come with a decent warranty. Having a warranty makes sure that if something happens to your product, the customer service team will take care of it.

What does TDS indicate?

TDS means total dissolved solids in water. Purification depends mainly on this. This value varies according to the hardness of water and impurities present in it. It is of great significance to purchase a water purifier. So, a buyer must know the TDS of water before going ahead.

Are water purifiers energy efficient?

Don’t worry about energy efficiency. Most of the water purifiers use very little energy or electricity but still are energy efficient. You won’t have to pay a huge bill after you install one. You should just look for good quality in water purifiers for the best results.

Should I look for the material while buying a water purifier?

Well, the answer is yes. You should definitely check the material which you’re choosing. Here are mainly two types of materials available. You can find water purifiers made of stainless steel or plastic. So, if you prefer more durability, a water purifier with a steel container is the best. 

Which brand should I prefer for a water purifier?

Well, known brands of water purifiers are KENT, HUL Pureit Ultima, Havells, AO Smith. You can check product ratings and reviews to have good knowledge and for more satisfaction. Just do some smart research and shopping would be more joyful.

Is a reverse osmosis purifier worthy of investment?

RO purifiers are considered top-level purifiers. They are fit for household use, hospitals, educational institutes, and for any business firm. They take out debris completely from the water, making it fit for drinking. Also, if you check the recent statistics, RO purifiers are widely used by people.

How do water purifiers work?

Working and functioning depend on the type of purifier you choose. They purify water depending on the TDS value. Let’s take the example of gravity water purifiers; the system helps in settling down the heavy substances at the bottom. Mainly where the water comes from rivers, lakes, etc., they are good as an option. And in the case of reverse osmosis water purifier, an external force is responsible for the purification process. It removes contamination to a great extent.

What storage capacity should I go for?

Now, this is quite a specific question. It depends totally on what your needs are. If you live alone or have two members, water purifiers with at least 4litre of storage capacity will work fine for you.

In case you have many thirsty people at your home, you can go for a bigger capacity of over 10 liters. You can choose purifiers that have a fast rate of purifying water. This way, you can purify water and store it wherever you want.

Is a water purifier necessary in my daily life?

Healthy living is essential for a happy life. This you cannot deny. Drinking water that is free from adulteration and contamination, not to mention, is imperative. With water purifiers, you can feel safe with what you are consuming. Moreover, you can see the amount of contamination found in water resources. Explore some quality brands of water purifiers and know everything you wish before investing in the same.


So, we’re done without a list of the best water purifiers in India. The brands we’ve selected are trusted and highly rated by customers all over India. You’ll find affordable water purifiers that are very effective in terms of water purification and mineral retention. However, if you have problems deciding the best water purifier, look for our buying guide within this article here.

The guide is designed to help you look for the features you need in a water purifier. So, you can make a good decision worth remembering. We hope the above insights helped you reach the conclusion you wanted. 

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