Best Tower Fans for Kitchen/Home/Office in India 2022

Well, we know that the Indian environment is very different from other nations, and without electronic equipment, it is not possible to live. Unlike most other regions, the Indian climate is considered to give a greater proportion of heat and humidity. To be honest, an air cooler or air conditioner does not seem to have any bearing on the harsh environment at times, so this is one of the reasons why tower fans in India are in demand today.

Best Tower Fans in India

These fans offer great air circulation and look the best in the rooms. They are pocket friendly and also look sleek and classy. If you are looking out to shop for a good quality tower fan, let us get to know about the best of them. 

1) iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan

iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan with 25 Feet Air Delivery, 4 Way Air Flow, High Speed,Anti Rust Body (White)

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Are you looking for a tower fan designed to simultaneously deliver better performance and higher airflow? You can’t resist from getting this fan as it has been built to offer up to 25 feet of air circulation. This product is designed to be lightweight and to conserve space at the same time.

This fan tower will throw some 25-foot air and keep the room cool. One of the most amazing aspects of this product is its 4-swing function. The whole product is made of rustproof material. Another important thing is that the seller gives this product a 1-year warranty, plus an additional 6-month warranty on free registration.


  • 2250m3/h air travel capability
  • High-quality content
  • One year product warranty
  • Material anti-roasting
  • Function 4-swing
  • Suitable for modern room decoration


  • When users use this product, they experience very loud noise.

2) BMS Lifestyle TF-102 Portable Mini

iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan with 25 Feet Air Delivery, 4 Way Air Flow, High Speed,Anti Rust Body (White)

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This fan tower is from the leading BMS brand, which is renowned in the manufacture and marketing of fans of top quality in India. This device gives the full airflow. This tower fan has been engineered and made by the manufacturer to use just less electricity.

One of the exceptional characteristics of this commodity is the rust-free high glass content. This turret fan is, at the same time, sleek and lightweight. The tower ventilator is designed to maximize ventilation and to disperse the cold air out while it is used with an air conditioner.


  • The retailer for one year assures this commodity.
  • The product has a 150 watts engine which provides maximum performance of 5000 rotational/minute speed.
  • Another important thing about this turret fan is that it is at the same time lightweight, compact, and elegant.


  • This fan is not designed for heavy-duty work

3) Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen

Crompton Air Buddy Compact Kitchen Fan (Grey)

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Crompton is very famous for selling top-quality electronic devices and appliances. Unlike the rest of the fans, Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan has been built to help homemakers properly spend time in the kitchen. One of the remarkable things about the tower fan is that its louvre can be modified to allow the fan to direct airflow in the desired direction.


  • It is easy to clean and use this tower fan.
  • This tower ventilator is bladeless and can be found in children’s homes.
  • They are built to be placed horizontally or vertically under the cabinet on a wall
  • This product is simultaneously lightweight and compact.
  • This tower fan comes with high-quality air philters to purify the air
  • It is fitted with max. speed of 2600 Rpm motor


  • The airflow offered is of very low quality.


RUSSELL HOBBS Tower Fan 48 Inch with Sensor Remote for Home, Office & Kitchen, White, RTF4800

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Why does the demand for a tower fan in the last few days rise daily? Highlighting the need for a tower fan is the special characteristic of a tower fan. Russell Hobbs has a legacy of these innovative features and consistency in the manufacture of town fans. This tower fan is built to absorb just 50-watt power. One of the noticeable aspects of this tower fan is that it has a 12-hour miniature that will help the user quickly turn off the tower fan. The remote control with three variable speed control is another valuable function that comes with this package.


  • The whole package is made of ABS content of good quality.
  • This fan comes with fully working LED lamps, high quality, and reliable temperature monitor.


  • This product is not used for heavy-duty performance.

5) Kelvinator KTF-131 4

Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Fan(White)

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Today, Kelvinator is one of India’s oldest brands of electrical equipment. This is the best4-blade tower fan manufactured and commercialized by Kelvinator. In comparison to most tower fans, this tower fan is built to provide optimum efficiency and a design that lets the consumer quickly clean the product. This turret fan is designed to absorb just 60 watts of electricity.

The engine in this product is designed to produce a speed of 5000 rounds per minute. One of the most amazing aspects of this tower fan is that it comes with four variable speeds. This fan is built to suit every room’s décor with an overall design.


  • Simple to clean the whole product
  • Another important thing about this fan is motorized louvers.
  • This fan is both elegant and classy.
  • It has a 500 rpm speed


  • The price of the tower fan is high as compared to the other products. 
  • This tower fan is not a great product when it comes to household use. 


Disha tower fans are loved for their long life and excellent quality. If you don’t know, then be conscious that DISHA is known for making high-quality engines and other goods, this tower ventilator is no different. This tower ventilator does not vary. It is built for use in small houses and with small air-conditioned spaces, as opposed to most tower fans on the Indian market. One of the most impressive characteristics is the sweep rate of 750 mm.


  • This commodity comes with an engine capable of producing a top speed of 1350 Rpm
  • The producer assures this commodity for a term of 2 years.
  • Another feature that makes this fan special is that it only uses 400 watts of electricity.


  • This fan does not have a variable speed option. 

7) Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan

Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan (Blue-Turquoise)

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You are looking for a tower fan that uses the least power and has a very small area? Then we urge you to try buying this stuff. Shape and stylish design are some of the outstanding features of this model bid. The tower fan has a high-quality and powerful centrifugal blower. The engine is environmentally safe coupled to the centrifugal blower. The whole package has been built to save space.

Intelligent mode, sleep, and wind modes are included in these items by the producer. Another part of this product is that it comes with high-end LED panels and push-buttons. The producer supplies this product with remote control. You have a one year warranty on this device.


  • The tower fan has a sleek and classy design. 
  • It looks graceful 
  • The tower fan offers a great speed. 
  • It comes with remote control.
  • The manufacturer offers a one year warranty.


  • The price of the tower fan is higher

8) Sajni Ekvira Tower Fan

Sajni Ekvira Tower Fan White ,1 Piece

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Although the Sajni brand is not recognizable to most people, it has developed and sold high-quality tower fans in recent years. This device is planned such that only 130-watt energy is used in the product. This commodity is intended for all room decoration or arrangements. This turret ventilator comes with three-speed variable features. One of the remarkable aspects of this device is the strong motor that helps you to quickly provide a better air supply.


  • This commodity is for heavy-duty applications
  • The whole package is both compact and lightweight.
  • The producer added a rubberized floor for the
  • This turret fan is particularly built for Indian families.


  • This tower fan is known to deliver poor quality airflow.

9) Deco Majesty Indoor

DECO Majesty Indoor Tower Fan with Touch Remote (Black and White, 40 W) | 3 Wind Modes, 3 Speed Settings | Internal Oscillation, Large

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Deco is a brand new tower fan manufacturing and selling today in the Indian market. One of the best tower supporters you can buy today is the elige Deco air tower indoor fan with a remote fan. This tower fan has been built such that only 35 watts of power are consumed. The engines in this tower ventilator are made from high-end copper.


  • This turret fan comes with the option of 3 variable speeds.
  • The product contains three models of wind.
  • The producer has attached remote control to this product.
  • Has 7-hour time in this commodity included
  • Oscillating motorized action
  • The elegant and lightweight style comes with this product.


  • This fan tends to make a very disturbing sound. 

10) USHA Compacto Tower

Usha Efikas Compacto 35-Watt Tower Fan with Remote (Black)

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Want a sleek, newest fan tower? USHA 35-watts is one of India’s most popular tower fans today. This turret fan is from the brand and is unique in its overall style. This fan will provide full ventilation as it is intended to save space. This commodity comes with low, medium, and high-speed power. One of the remarkable features of this device is its amazing high precision timer. 


  • This tower ventilator comes with a digital monitor at indoor temperature.
  • The remote control allows the customer to view the product remotely 
  • Comes with a louvre to help the user adjust the direction of the airflow 


  • It is heavy and not so much durable as the other brands are

Buying Guide

Now that you are aware of the best ten tower fans in India, let us have a look at the buying guide to help you grab your hands on the best options:

1- Measure the Space

While most fans on the market, other than the ceiling ventilator, need a wide area, a tower ventilator is built to take up a smaller area. If you haven’t seen a fan of a tower before now, it should be understood that fans of a tower are built to have less height and width.

A bigger height does not mean that the fans are very high; they could range in height between 50 and 100 cm. One of the key reasons people care about buying a tower fan is this unusual design.

2- Portability

Pedestal fans can quickly be relocated from one location to the other, unlike most conventional fans. But pedestal fans are bulky, taking more than one person to move them from place to place.

But what if I tell you that a tower fan is easy to switch in comparison to heavy pedestal fans with the same and high airflow? Yes, a tower fan with the specs that heavy-duty pedestal fans feature is comparatively lighter than pedestal fans. 

3- Stylish

While most conventional fans are shaped and built in the same manner, a tower fan has a specific shape and form. As already mentioned, tower fans save space comparatively. Tower fan manufacturers maintain that they designed a tower fan to suit every room setting without messing with the aesthetics of the decor.

All Tower Fans come with the same general form and design, but frankly, the design and style will vary somewhat. A smooth and lightweight tower fan is built for high airflow, and some brands find ways to adjust the tower fan’s style marginally without messing with the performance of the unit.

We encourage you to buy a tower fan based on your specifications, so the fan style fits your room’s décor and setting. The fan will bring charm and attractiveness to your space if you can buy the right trendy model.

4- Noise

It is well known that a fan makes noise as it runs. Compared to ceiling fans, the noise made by pedestal fans is much high. Though that tower fans are incredibly silent relative to those conventional fans. Any of the fans of towers from top brands have been engineered to create no noise when they run. Thanks to the good construction and placement of the impeller blades.

As mentioned above, it creates less noise than other conventional fans, one of the most significant advantages of a tour bank. That is valid, and you should be mindful that the fans are built to create a particular degree of noise for each model.

If you are an entity that buys a tower fan for low noise when operating, we suggest you try buying a tower fan with lower noise levels. The noise of a tower fan is common to the “Db” prefix, and if the product you wish to buy has a lower Db, it means the product is quiet. On the other hand, if it has a higher Db, then the consequence of this is that the product will be noisy. Now pick a tower fan and buy it accordingly.

5- Additional features

While most conventional fans have traditional controls, a few newest model ceiling fans and pedestal fans are fitted with the latest additional features. It is common for a tower fan, however, to have additional features such as timers, remote controls, touch-sensitive buttons, and variable breeze control included in the device.

6- Environmental friendly

Contrary to a conventional fan that pumps air in a single direction for a long time, a tower fan is built to operate and provide ventilation in such a manner that the normal airflow in a space cannot be disturbed. The timer, which is programmed to turn off the fans after some time, hence save electricity, is just another function that is built into each tower fan.

7- Size

As already mentioned, a tower fan is available in various sizes, and the fan’s size can play an important role in choosing and buying it. What is important to you about the size of the fan? One of the key advantages/benefits of the tower fans is that it saves space.

Ultimately, if you purchase a larger tower fan, the device will bring more drawbacks than benefits. If you need a tower fan, that can provide very high airflow, then a tower fan with a comparatively large size should be bought. We suggest that you first decide what your requirement is and buy a tower fan accordingly.

8- Quality 

A tower fan’s output can vary with brand, size, and model. The improvement in product quality results in a consequent change in productivity and energy usage.

This is why we say you should never automatically pick a brand name or price-based product. On the opposite, we encourage you to buy an item mentioned above and read the product reviews.

9- Brand 

One of the big factors you can think of when buying a fan of a tour in India is the company and its credibility. More than ten labels sell high-quality tower fans in India. The quality of a product varies and a consumer cannot determine the quality before buying the product. We, therefore, urge you to buy a tower fan from a trustworthy brand.

10- Controls 

Some tower fans have push buttons, others with knobs, and others with sensitive touch scans. Some tower fans have various types of sensors. However, if you are not considering a premium price tower fan, don’t use touch-sensitive buttons on the product, if it is not from a highly reputable company.

11- Thermostat

A thermostat inside a tower fan allows you to monitor the fan’s temperature. Also, this remote control can help you control several other fan characteristics and functions.

Not all tower fans have an all-round remote control. Some have found out anything, whilst some limit you. Any of them may not have remote timer features. Please review these factors and characteristics before you select a fan.

12- Circulation of air

This refers to a tower fan’s ability before the air can pass into a room. The air ventilation capability varies with multiple fans of the buildings. It depends to a large degree on the size of the room. Tower fans are usually compliant with small and medium spaces.

High-air fans are marginally more expensive than those with smaller size. Check the power data for each tower supply in cubic feet or spinning per minute (this data is usually available in the fan definition of the product) for information about the capacity of each fan.

13- Timer

Mobile gadgets are the key to tower fans. You can set up the fan’s timer by a time monitor (usually on the remote), and can sleep comfortably.

After the predefined time frame, the fan automatically shuts down. You do not need to wake up and set the fan to sleep again from a deep sleep.

14- Special Features

  • Child’s locks: Certain fans are built for all family members with children’s locks. A bladeless fan (also known as an air multiplier) is a decent option if they are hard to find, as there are no sharp parts for little fingers or pals.
  • Handle: This lets you transport your handheld fan from one room to the next.
  • LCD screen: It features fan settings electronic monitor which needs to be luminous and transparent enough to read when the fan is on.
  • Remote control: Will encourage you to turn the fan on and change the couch comfort settings. For those humid and sweaty summer days, it’s perfect.
  • Head rotation: This also implies that the fan shifts side by side, also called an oscillating function. If you use the fan for more than one user, it is an important feature.
  • Reverse cycle: Several more sophisticated models like the Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Connection will blast both warm air and cool air.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better a tower fan or a fan with a pedestal?

In general, but it again depends on the size of the room and specifications for the cooling effect. Spring fans are larger and suitable for providing cold air to larger spaces. In reality, Tower Fans serve an additional function. They either cool a small space or help cool huge air-conditioned spaces that are less open to the corners.

Can tower fans cool a room quickly?

Tower fans draw/suck through the ambient air and push into ionized air philters and allow them out of the outlet. This is cold air, which is mostly used to complement an air conditioner’s cooling potential at low power and circulates throughout the room.

Is the adjustability of height important?

When it comes to tower fans, you need to understand one thing. It’s all about coolness and not air. Adjustable height facilitates the positioning of a tower fan in one or more positions. Not all the tower fans have adjustable heights; others are fixed but can give the same volume of air.

However, in the case of column fans, make sure that you select where they can change the height in compliance with their facilities and areas.

What is the role of air exhaust?

The air drainage is used for the expulsion of impurities and air purity of most tower supporters. But with these air exhausts, there is a certain problem. As turret fans operate on the theory that air is drawn inside them, they will periodically draw the air from the fatigue.

The ionizers and the philters that need to philter this completely, unclean air will be filled further. Thus the fan’s life is shortened by the cleaner. Try to opt for fans that are most far from the air intake chambers of air exhaust. Best scenarios, aim to stop exhaust fans, they possibly add no benefit to a number.

What is the working principle of a tower fan?

A tower fan’s operating concept is to draw air from its atmosphere, clean it with ionizers and philters, and pump it in the room. Most tower supporters in nature are bladeless.

The engine in the Tower Fan must therefore be extremely powerful. When you pick a tower fan, see if you are looking for an engine with adequate ability to lift heavy.


A tower fan arrives to support various space refreshment purposes. However, it may not be convenient, as described above to pick the best tower, but you can easily choose and buy the best fan from the Indian market today if you consider the factors given above. However, if you are still unsure, you might try buying some of the above tower fan versions.

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