Best Table Fans For Kitchen/Office/Home in India 2021

Summers are the most blistering season in India, and it’s tough to bear such incredible heat every year. Technology has gifted us with some useful devices like Air conditioners to help us go through the summer. But for a middle-class family looking for an affordable and energy-efficient option, table fans prove to be the more reliable option. Table fans are the most important appliances during the summer season for everyone.

Best Table Fans in India

Unlike your ceiling fans, it will better reach and cover the whole room with chilling air. The only reason you should go ahead and invest in a table fan is that it also gives excellent coordination with the AC, fills the room with cold air, and gives you a pleasant experience.

Table fans come in different sizes and shapes with varying price ranges, and it is challenging to decide which one to purchase. Hence we have listed the 10 Best budget-friendly table fans from top brands that you must consider buying.

1) Usha Maxx Air 400mm

Usha Maxx Air 400mm 55-Watt Table Fan (White)

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Usha is the most trusted brand in India when it comes to electrical appliances. They offer some of the best quality sewing machines, household appliances, dispensers, and fans in the market. This is the reason why Usha Maxx is first on our list. Usha Maxx 55-watts Air table fan is an ergonomically designed fan with a broad base that keeps the fan sturdy. Whether you keep it near windows, in the kitchen, or in places with more movements, it will stay in place without tripping so quickly.

It has aerodynamic blades that circulate air more efficiently. It has an RPM of 1280, which is an ideal rate and will help your motor work well without taking many loads. You can also use it in a room with an air conditioner for a better experience during the summer season.


  • It has a powerful air delivery
  • Blades are made of polypropylene that makes the blades lighter.
  • Produces less noise
  • It has to overheat protection that makes it durable
  • It comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • It is not rechargeable

2) V-Guard Finesta Table Fan

V-Guard Finesta Table Fan - 400mm (Blue&White)

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V-guard is a well-known brand in the industry of electrical appliances. They offer some feature-rich devices that deliver excellent performance. This V-guard fan model is compact and has a portable design, which means it can be easily ported anywhere in the office and home with ease. The blades of the fan are aerodynamically designed, which provides efficient airflow around the room.

It includes a 55W powerful motor that rotates with 1350RPM to give fresh air without any resistance. It comes with three adjustable speed settings, which you can adjust according to your convenience. The best part of this fan is that it consumes less electricity and gives a powerful performance. So, if you are looking for an energy-efficient fan, you should go for this.


  • It is ergonomically designed
  • Awesome build quality
  • It doesn’t produce and noise
  • Delivers a great performance


  • It is not rechargeable

3) Crompton HiFlo Eva 16-inch

Crompton High Flo Eva 16-Inch Table Fan (Light Grey)

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Crompton high Flo Eva 16 inch table fan is one of the most decorative and customizable fans in this list. It is very lightweight and made of a plastic body. This fan is very portable; nature and its novel base design will help you place it anywhere, even on unpleasant surfaces. The auto swing of this fan gives consistent air circulation. It has an RPM of 1300 with a 3-speed control.

That means it will put less burden on the motor while making it work more efficiently. Its ergonomic structure with the included handle helps the free development towards the front. In a word, this product is what we call value for money products.


  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use the fan
  • It is very durable
  • Powerful air deliver


  • Customer service is very poor

4) Usha Mist Air Duos Table Fan

Usha Mist Air Duos Table Fan (Blue)

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Here is another best-quality table fan from the Usha brand. This table fan is a perfect combination of style and powerful performance. Usha duos Mist Air table fan is a decent looking fan with a classy design. Its dual-color makes it more appealing and attractive. It is compact and portable enough to carry around anywhere with ease. This fan has a 55W copper motor with aerodynamically designed three-leaf structured pp blades that offer excellent air delivery and cooling performance. 

One best feature of this fan is the Dual pivot mechanism that allows easy tilting. Additionally, it has three adjustable speed settings for controlling the airflow. This fan also includes an Auto-protection fuse in case of thermal overloading that protects the motor and makes this fan a durable product.


  • It has a powerful motor
  • Stylish design
  • Doesn’t Produce any noise
  • Outstanding air delivery
  • Easy to use product


  • Doesn’t have any noticeable disadvantages

5) Havells Birdie 230mm Personal

Havells Birdie 230mm Personal Fan (Yellow Maroon)

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Havells birdie an incredible table fan with two-pole motors that make this product exceed all your expectations regarding it. Its design is elegant and has a spiral mesh guard that gives it an appealing look. It has 360-degree rotation with individual aerodynamically designed 230mm blades that produce powerful air delivery.

It rotates with a speed of 2800RPM and covers all rooms with cold air without any jerk, and runs smoothly. The fan consumes less power while giving a powerful performance, thus saving your electricity bill. It is a multi-use fan that is suitable for your wall, cabin, or desk. It also comes with two years of warranty in case of any internal damage.


  • Robust build quality
  • Powerful airflow
  • Strong airblast


  • It doesn’t have adjustable speed settings

6) H Hy-tec (Device) Copper Mist

H Hy-tec (Device) Amaze Copper 300 mm Wall/Table Fan with Powerful High 3 Speed Motor, Black

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The first anyone notices in this fan is the fine polishing and the first-grade plastic material. The brand H Hy-tec has been around in the market for years now, and it understands the customer needs and upgrades its products accordingly.

H Hy-tec 65 watts table fan looks so decorative with a novel base design that makes this product more appealing to the eyes. The compact design of this fan allows you to move it anywhere with ease. Just like other fans, it too has aerodynamically designed blades that deliver strong airflow producing less noise. This fan’s motor rotates with a speed of 2400RPM, but it doesn’t put much burden on the engine. Also, this fan has overheat-protection that shuts the fan automatically in case of thermal overloading.


  • Delivers a good airflow
  • The motor is designed for Indian weather condition
  • It has three speed-control settings
  • It has a 90-degree oscillation
  • Offers overheat-protection


  • It is not rechargeable
  • No major drawbacks found

7) AQUA KMI® phanzo

AQUA KMI® phanzo WALL/TABLE fan || cutie (6 inch) || with copper winding (6INCH/150MM) WHITE

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This table fan is the most incredible fan in this entire list. It has a stylish look with a broad base that makes the fan stand perfectly even on unpleasant surfaces. This is very portable and easy to carry around anywhere, including mounting it on the wall. You can get 3-speed controls on this fan, and it can also be used as a wall fan. If you want, you could set it anywhere on your study table, it won’t take much space. 


  • Robust build quality
  • Stylish design
  • Comes with a Lengthy power cord
  • It is very portable


  • Average speed

8) V Guard Personal Fan

V Guard Personal Fan- Selfee 225mm Yellow Black

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Most table fans available in the market have a 90-degree rotation, but do you know that fans could rotate even backward to give powerful surround air? Well, the V-Guard Multiutility table fan is one such portable fan that delivers air throw in every direction and keeps your room cool and well ventilated. This fan has an ergonomic design with a spiral mesh guard that gives it an attractive look and makes your room more lively.

The fan can also be mounted on the on table or wall, and also it comes with a biaxial position that allows you to adjust the rotation to either 360-degree or 180-degree. It has a powerful motor that rotates at the speed of 2600RPM, and its blades have a propeller-type that increases the airflow in the room. So, if you want a multipurpose fan that can withstand even voltage fluctuations, then this is the right choice for you.


  • It has an ergonomic design
  • It is compact and portable
  • Comes in vibrant colors
  • It comes with a very long cord
  • It is very easy-to-use


  • Doesn’t have an auto-swing feature
  • Produces noise during operation

9) Bajaj Esteem 400mm

Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Table Fan (White)

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Bajaj is another most recognized brand in India hats famous for its electronic accessories. Their new model, Bajaj esteem 400mm, is stacked full of a great engine and upgraded features. It is ergonomically designed with premium quality material that makes it a sturdy product. It is a 400mm table fan that utilizes 50W of power. The fan has two-speed settings to control the airflow according to your convenience.

It uses a copper motor that rotates at a speed of 1320RPM that delivers air more proportionally throughout the room. It has a conveyance limit of 70 CMM, which guarantees a cool airflow. Its wide range of features at a sensible cost makes it an affordable product to have in your room.


  • It is a durable product
  • Ergonomically designed
  • It has a robust build quality
  • Consumes less power
  • Comes with two years warranty on the product


  • It has an average speed

10) Luminous Buddy 230mm

Luminous Multipurpose Buddy 230mm Cabin Fan (Aqua Blue)

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Luminous is one of the trustworthy and voted as the most preferred brands in India. They offer a wide range of electronic products from home electrical to LED lightings. Luminous Buddy table fan is one of their premium quality table fans that provide an extraordinary air delivery. Luminous Buddy table fan is lightweight and compact and comes with an easily removable stylish grill. 

It has an attractive look, and the fan’s color blend makes it look modern and quite an antique type. You can also mount this fan on the wall or the office tables that will help you save lots of space. This fan’s blades are designed aerodynamically for better air delivery, and they are made of polypropylene material, which makes them Anti-corrosion fans. Because of its design, this fan produces significantly less noise.


  • It is easy to use
  • It comes with removable grills
  • It consumes less space
  • Powerful air delivery
  • Ideal fan for rough use
  • Anti-corrosion materials used
  • Comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • There are no speed controls included

Buying Guide for Best Table Fans in India

Now let’s discuss the crucial part. That is choosing the best table fan that matches all your needs. Well, it’s not a challenging task. There are a few simple points you have to take into consideration when buying a table fan. They are discussed below.

1- Material 

The material quality of the product matters the most. Cheap quality parts of any fan will get damaged very quickly and won’t give any durability. Most table fans come in plastic, brass, or steel material. At the same time, there are also fans made with some other materials other than this.

Plastic is the cheaper option among these materials. They are lightweight and more flexible than steel or brass. It is effortless to clean fans made of good quality plastic material. But tables fans with steel or brass bodies give the fan strength and can also be used in spaces with most movements. They are sturdy and durable. Its fine polishing gives it an ergonomic design. The only downside of using metals is that it can rust and require coating.

2- Fan Size

Generally, table fans come in 3 different sizes. They are small (12 inches), medium (16inch), and large (20inch). It is advised that you buy a medium-sized or small-sized fan. Whether it is for your bedrooms or office use, it comes in handy and easily portable.

But if you want a fan of your dining hall or a large area, large-sized fans are the best option. One crucial benefit of large fans is that it doesn’t produce much noise even at its lowest setting.

3- Design and Portability

It’s evident that the fan you buy must match the ambiance of your home. Imagine purchasing an average looking table fan in a house that has a retro look. It will look so odd. so choose the right combination of colors with an attractive design that brings charm to your home.

4- Fan Grills

All the fans are covered with grills to protect the children or pets from getting their hands caught between the fan blades. 

Fans come with 2 Grill types- Permanent Grills and Removable grills.

Over time, Table fans tend to catch dust on the blades as they revolve continuously in every possible direction to deliver the air. This dust should be cleaned to maintain the efficiency of the fan. Hence, removable grills will allow you to open grills and wipe the fan’s blades and motor properly and screw them back. This allows less resistance and more efficiency while giving a clean, breathable surrounding.

5- The Noise Made 

The noise produced by your table fan will have a significant impact on your peaceful surroundings. Not only that, if you’re planning to buy a fan that can be used even during bedtime, then you should know a noisy fan might ruin your sleep quality and disturb you all night with its irritable noise. And above that sad part is sellers, don’t mention the fan’s noise even if it can be measured in decibels very easily.

It is always recommended to go to a nearby store, check the noise quality, and choose a fan that produces less or negligible noise. Because Fans that have a loud noise are inefficient and not in demand. Table fans with less noise always deliver excellent airflow without any resistance. You can get a premium quality table fan, but if it produces noise during operation, then you’ll not have a good experience with it.

6- Air Delivery

Air delivery of a fan is generally measured in cubic meters per minute, which is the air volume that moves every minute. If you want a Powerful air delivery, then you should go for a fan with a Higher CMM rate. Some prominent brands also refer to this as CFM (cubic feet per minute) 

7- Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is an essential criterion that decides the amount of energy that the fan will consume. The energy consumption of the fan is directly related to the efficiency of it. Truth be told, A table fan consumes more energy than a ceiling fan, making it energy inefficient. An ideal fan consumes around 40-100Watts of energy.

Hence, the fan’s energy consumption is an essential factor you have to consider if you don’t want to get heavy electricity bills. Make sure you buy a fan that consumes less wattage while giving an outstanding performance and more RPM as it will keep your electricity bill expenses in control.

8- Fan Speed

The speed of the fan is measured in RPM (rotations per minute). More RPM rates mean faster; the blades will rotate, thus giving a powerful air delivery. Naturally, Table fans come with adjustable speed settings – high, medium, or low. Simultaneously, some table fans have a single speed setting that doesn’t change regardless of weather conditions. Hence, it is recommended to go for a table fan with adjustable speed settings to control the airflow according to your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I choose the right table fan for me?

First, decide the area you want to place the fan. Accordingly, choose a table fan with a size that is suitable for your room or office. Also, check if the table fan is quieter and produces more airflow throughout the room proportionally. Besides, notice the motors, build quality materials used warranty and ease of installation of the fan, and purchase one that meets all your needs.

Does the table fan need oiling?

Mostly tables fans come with a mall hold above motor where you need to pour 2-3 drops of oil every other week to maintain satisfactory performance and efficiency. Simultaneously, some table fans come with double sealed ball bearings, which doesn’t require any oiling. So it depends on which table fan you buy.

Do table fans overheat after running them for a long time?

Yes. It is a natural law of thermodynamic that applies to all electrical appliances. The more you use, the more it gets heated. But you have to be careful and turn it off immediately if it starts to give out an unpleasant odor or you notice any smoke coming out of them. And check if the motor winding is working correctly.

Do table fans consume more electricity than ceiling fans?

Yes, they use more electricity than ceiling fans. But you should know that over the years, motors have upgraded to a great extent to become more power-efficient. Also, a DC motored fan runs more efficiently than AC motor fans. Thus go for a DC motored table fan.

Does the table fan run on a battery?

Yes, there are many fans available in the market that can be charged. Those batteries give around 4-10 hours to set and provide a quality 8 hours of uninterrupted airflow in case of a blackout in your area.

Are metal blades better than plastic ones?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages as metal blades are generally bulky and give wider air circulation. In contrast, plastic blades tend to be lighter and deliver air proportionally. Although, customers complain about plastic blades giving poor air circulation.


When the summer season starts becoming sultrier as the day passes, the ceiling fans stop working effectively. This is where you have to look for a unique solution, and table fans turn up as a more realistic solution. But table fans come in different price ranges and quality and will keep you in confusion. This is why we have reviewed the ten best table fans for you to make your purchasing experience hassle-free.

Moreover, when it comes to buying table fans, we shouldn’t just look at portability and power-efficient features. Instead, there is a wide range of criteria you must look into to choose the best table fan for yourself. Hence, the buying guide included in this article will help you select the table fan that fits your budget and meet all your needs while delivering an excellent performance.

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