Best Solar Power Water Heater In India 2021

Are you tired of the massive electric bills caused by using electric water heaters? If yes, then solar heaters can prove to be the best solution to your problem here. Solar water heaters are a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to heat the water in your house. These water heaters do not need any additional energy source other than the sunlight, reducing your electric bill and dependence on fossil fuels. 

Best Solar Power Water Heater in India

However, when you plan on buying a solar water heater, it is essential to do the research. Hence, we have come up with this article to give you a detailed overview of India’s best solar-powered water heaters. Without wasting any time, let’s jump into our first product.

1) Thermica Solar Water Heater

Thermica Solar Water Heater, 100 LPD (Copper)

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This solar water heater from Thermica is the long-term remedy for hot water supply to the household with tasks such as bathing, washing, and kitchen garments. It has low upkeep and is accessible. The brand uses sunshine to heat the water throughout the day and store the water in an isolated turbo tank to be used when necessary. It comes with ETC solar collector, which works amazing even in low temperatures. 


  • The most delicate layer of stainless steel has a steady supply of hot water.
  • Its internal tank is enamel-coated galvanized steel, exterior tank PP galvanized steel 
  • The kit consists of solar panels (100 litres a day), isolated SS hot water storage tank and pipes.


  • The price of this solar water heater is high as compared to other brands. 

2) A+ 100lpd Solar

A+ 100lpd Solar Water Heater

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This A+ solar water heater has solar cells that are highly efficient and heat the water fast. It has multi-crystalline solar cells which trap solar energy for heating purposes. This helps you, especially useful in winter, to enjoy hot water all day long.

Also, in extreme weather conditions, it is robust and well managed. It uses durable glass in pipes that are guaranteed consistency. The maker guarantees its fabrication flaws for three years. The 100 L capacity is enough for small to medium family and the 20 high-grade pipes ensure longevity. 


  • The internal and exterior tank is made from 304-grade stainless steel.
  • Get photovoltaic cell insurance.
  • Usage of scratch-resistant durable solar glass to improve the impact resistance.


  • This solar heater does not work efficiently in the rainy weather. 

3) Suntek Energy Solar

Suntek Energy Solar Water Heater - (100 litres, Multicolor)

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The next thing on our list is the Suntek Energy solar water heater. This device works with solar technology and during the night, battery backup is very useful. This solar water heater still provides a moderately priced and effective way to enjoy hot water. It is supplied with 100 liters of water per day which is adequate for the daily requirements of warm water. The large inner tank comes with PUF insulation and the outer tank is also made of good material to keep it rust-proof. 


  • This heater has a large inner tank of stainless steel with outstanding PUF insulation quality. 
  • This would also help you to save a lot of energy bills. 
  • The avoidance of 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year is eco-friendly.
  • It is made from premium metal content, which increases its longevity.


  • The water heater does not offer a continuous supply of hot water. 

4) Super Solar Water Heater

Super Solar Water Heater, 200lpd

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Supreme manufactures different kinds of water heaters as a corporation. The heater is comfortable and ideal for households in Indian countries, mostly mid-sized families. Stainless steel is long-lasting and helps hold the water longer and warmer. The powder coating makes it weather resistant and it also gives a backup of 2KW in bad climate conditions. 


  • The heaters are suitable for all household styles since the tube is 1800 mm long.
  • Sometimes in winter, the sun may not show up
  • Installation in emergencies is recommended.


  • This brand is considered to be a mediocre one  

5) GreenLife GI Solar Water Heater

GreenLife GI Solar Water Heater, 100 L (Orange)

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There is usually a good option for both commercial and domestic versions. By developing a single model that can be used for all purposes, GreenLife made it simpler. The concrete pipes and the well-insulated tank have adequate water. Also, because of better components, the heater lasts for a long time. On non-sunny days, the combined electric heating facility is convenient. Epoxy coverage is provided to increase the lifespan of this tank. 


  • Electric heaters are also complained of rapidly being destroyed. 
  • It would help if you did not think about buying a solar water heater from GreenLife. 
  • The durable machinery design and structure will withstand all weather conditions.


  • The heater is not at all pocket friendly

6) Saur Shakti Stainless

Saur Shakti Stainless Steel Water Heater LPD 300 (300 Litres)

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It’s evident that the water has to be hot when you buy a solar water heater. A high-density PUF insulation is provided by Saur Shakti in the heater tank. Even in the night, the water stays hot, so you get warm water all day long. The container consists of galvanized iron that prevents corrosion and scaling. It is excellent galvanized steel, which gives this solar water heater durability. The entire structure of the heater can stand up to the pressure, making it an excellent choice for every household.


  •  3T glass tubes are very strong
  • Correct stability of the stand is provided
  • The water heats quickly and reaches the tank because of the high absorption power of the tubes. 


  • Proper maintenance is needed in the heater

7) Fluidtec Pressure Pump Solar

Fluidtec Pressure Pump Solar Water Heater 200lpdpp

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We should always buy products that are designed appropriately. Fluditec recalled making this heater both durable and compact. To perform its task fast, evacuated glass tubes can absorb more heat. The tank, made of high-grade stainless steel, contains a correct PUF insulation. We will recommend the ISI Electronic backup heater for use on cloudy days as well. The absorber coating elevates tubing heat and the powder coating makes it weather resistant. 


  • The capacity for a medium-sized home is 200 L.
  • Tank with adequate powder coating, weather-resistant.
  • This ISI Electric backup heater is useful in emergencies.
  • The mild steel stand preserves excellent stability.


  • The manufacturer provides no warranty

8) Hakke Industries Water Heater

Hakke Industries Solar Water Heater Systems (150 L, White)

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This Solar Water Heater is an effective and reliable water heater. The storage tanks of the Indian rigid water scheme are appropriate. It has an angled stand to stabilize it correctly for tank mounting. MS Hot galvanized tanks and PUFF-insulated SS have been specially designed for containing hot water. It comes with a strong solar glass to protect it from severe damages. The solid solar cells make sure that your water gets heated faster. 


  • The rugged solar glass prevents damage. 
  •  The material of the inner tank is in stainless steel.
  • Weather-resistant powder coating is available.
  • The brand promises this for five years. 


  • This is not a durable solar heater as compared to the other brands. 

9) Solarizer Grey and Blue Value

Solarizer Grey and Blue Value Solar Water Heater, 200 L

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This unit from Sun Zone has a white body of stainless steel. It features a flat 100 LPD base with a weight of 120 kg. The sunshine powers the entire home and is warmed by solar radiation, which provides warm water. The design is simple and space-efficient, so even if you have space problems, its installation will be easy. Comes with a 200 L capacity, this model is perfect to cater to all of your water needs. Epoxy tank cover is given to avoid water abrasion. 


  • Water becomes perfectly heated up to 70 °C.
  •  An inbuilt electrical backup element is available.
  •  The heating system is the evacuated tube collector.
  •  Superb for home and corporate uses.
  •  The inner tank is covered with a 2 mm thick mat.


  • The solar geyser is not at all pocket-friendly

10) Kamal Solar Heater

Solarizer Grey and Blue Value Solar Water Heater, 200 L

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The solar heater from Kamal Solar is a reliable option that will stay for a long time. The tanks that hold the water have a capacity of 200 litres. The water heater of the solar system is made of stainless steel that does not cause corrosion. It is modeled so that it is a solar water heater that is resistant to UV rays.


  • It has multi-crystalline high-performance solar cells.
  • Two hundred litres of solar heater capacity.
  • Photovoltaic cells have assurance.


  • This is an expensive product that needs a lot of maintenance.

Buying Guide for Best Solar Power Water Heater in India

There are hefty solar water heaters available in the market that is enough to keep one confused all day. Hence, there are many factors one has to consider before purchasing them. Read all the points discussed below carefully for making a better decision.

Working of Solar Heater

Solar waters heaters are classified into two categories based on their working:

1) Active heaters

2) Passive heaters

Active Solar heaters

These ones are classified into two types:

  • Direct systems 
  • Indirect systems.

In direct circular systems, the pumps circulate the water from collectors. These water heaters are recommended for areas with less freezing climates.

In indirect circular systems, the pumps contain a heat exchanger. Pumps of these units process a freeze-resistant energy-transfer substance via solar collectors, and the exchanger increases the temperature of the water and sends it to the house. These are the best type of heaters for areas with frequent freezing temperatures.

Passive Solar Heaters

Passive solar heaters are very inexpensive when compared to active solar heaters. It is said that these types of heaters are durable and more reliable. 

There are 2 types of these systems:

  • ICS 
  • Thermosyphon 

ICS are efficient solutions for homes that are in need of an abundant amount of warm water throughout the day. These heaters are most recommended for places with rare chilling temperatures.

Thermosyphon is quite expensive but a more reliable system compared to ICS passive systems. The heaters’ design allows the flow of hot water to rise on the upper area of the tank and chilled water to sink at the bottom. Although, you will need an expert to install this water heater. Also, you have to consider your roof’s size before buying as the additional tanks come very heavy.

Factors to Consider

1- Storage Tanks 

Mostly, the solar water heaters heat enough water quantity to cater to all your household needs. But, on certain days, this might not be the case. In these scenarios, you need to have a backup system.

Hence, an insulated tank is a crucial part of any water heating system. Its designs with a single tank serve as a backup heater and storage unit. In-2-tank units, the supply of water is processed first and sent to the additional tank for backup.

2- Collectors

Collectors are one crucial factor to consider while buying a solar water heater. There are mainly three types of collectors. They are:

  • Integral-collector storage system
  • Flat-plate collectors
  • Evacuated solar tube collectors.


These ones are the very common type used for domestic purposes. These collectors consist of an insulated weather-resistant box. This collector’s insulation will prevent any heat loss, and the absorber makes sure that the maximum energy absorption generated is from the sun. 


Integral-collector storage systems are insulated and have glazed boxes with single or multiple tanks These collectors receive chilled water and heat it for some time. Then it transfers the moisture to additional water heating storage. It is mostly recommended to install these collectors systems in areas with warm temperatures its pipes are placed in external areas of the house that is easy to get chilled in severe freezing environments.

Evacuated-Tube Solar 

These collectors have several rows of glass tubes placed in front of each other. The absorber of these systems is created with metal and coated with a material that captures solar energy. This system also proves to be an efficient option for your domestic use.

3- The Capacity of the System

The system you should meet all your needs. If you require 100 gallons of regular hot water, you have to make sure that your choice system fulfills those demands by heating that amount of water every day.

4- Durability

Durability is another crucial factor to consider making your investment worthwhile. Since you install your solar water heaters out the house, they need to be durable and insulated with high-quality materials for a long term use. You know that solar water heaters are not that inexpensive. So you have to buy the best one that provides you long-term efficiency and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are a better collector among flat plate and evacuated tubes?

It depends on the weather conditions in your area. For instance, the flat plate solar collectors work well in warm, sunny conditions, and the main concern is the strict budget. On the other hand, Evacuated tube collectors are best suited for areas with chilling cold and cloudy weather. But it also costs 20% more than the flat plate collectors. 

Are solar heaters eco-friendly?

Yes, they are eco-friendly and save up to 70% more efficient than your traditional water heaters. Hence, in the first year alone, it can save a lot of your electricity bill after switching to it.

How does a solar water heater impact my property values?

Many studies have shown that a house with a solar water heater sells more than a home without them. Hence, you can expect that going for solar heaters will increase your property values. 


The solar-powered water heaters are the looming sustainable way of saving electric bills and environments simultaneously. It’s time to go eco-friendly by choosing the best solar-powered water heater for your daily light and heating purposes.

Hence, in this article, we have introduced you to some of the best solar-powered water heaters in India that are easy to use and work efficiently. Go through the buying guide for a better purchasing decision and choose a water heater that meets all your needs and expectations.

We hope that our articles helped you buy the best solar-powered water heaters available in the Indian Market. 

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