Best Room Heaters for Winters in India 2022

Winters are amazing, but it can be pretty harsh, especially in north India, where sometimes temperature falls below 15-degrees. And if it falls below 10-degree, then we are not designed to bear so much cold. In this case, quilts may not be sufficient enough to keep you warm from chilly winds.

In this scenario, a heater would be an ideal solution. These devices regulate enough heat to keep you warm inside the room even during shivering cold months, and with these devices, you can feel comfortable in your home or the workplace.

Best Room Heaters in India

So, get ready to beat the chilling cold by buying one of the best room heaters listed below. To familiarize you with some of the best heaters, we have listed some of the best and latest room heaters that will exceed your expectations!  

1) Amazon Brand - Solimo 2000

Amazon Brand - Solimo 2000-Watts Room Heater (ISI certified, White colour, Ideal for small to medium room/area)

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Amazon Solimo 200-watt Room heater is our top pick for anyone willing to buy a room heater. Solimo is a budget-friendly heater of Amazon brands that features heating technology with 2000W power. Solimo heater is made of fire-retardant plastic material, which makes it safe around kids and animals. This small heater generates enough heat to keep a small to medium-sized room warm. Or in numbers, we can say that it can keep a 200square feet room warm effortlessly.

This heater has an overheat protection feature that turns on when it reaches a high-temperature point of 130-degree C. It automatically enables auto-shutdown once the heater reaches 126 degrees. Adjusting the heater temperature is relatively simple and can be adjusted from hot, warm, or cold depending on the weather condition.


  • It consists of two thermostat regulators
  • It has an auto-shutoff feature in case of overheating
  • Budget-friendly product
  • You can mount it on a wall
  • Powerful heater with compact size
  • Comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Its cord length is very short

2) Maharaja Whiteline Plastic

Maharaja Whiteline Plastic Quato 800 Watts Quartz Heater, Standard, Grey

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Maharaja Whiteline quarto quartz heater is a smart, versatile, and budget-friendly heater compact and warms up the whole room within minutes. This heater is easy to carry around and has a safety tip over the switch. Its functions have two options for heat setting, i.e., 400w for low temperature and 800w for high temperature, depending upon your preference.

This heater comes with quartz tubes, so you just need to turn on the heater to get the best heat effect. The quartz tubes have a temperature higher than the heaters, which makes it a durable product. One main benefit of this heater is that it consumes less power than other heaters at this price range while giving warm heat.


  • It has an elegant design
  • It has a great heating capacity
  • The quartz tubes make it a durable product
  • Its rods have different switches for easy control


  • It is not an ideal option for large rooms

3) Singer OFR 11 FINS 2900

Singer OFR 11 FINS 2900 Watts Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater, White

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Singer OFR 11 FINS is a premium quality oil-filled room heater with a stylish design and maximum efficiency. If you’re battling with cold, then this single heater is sufficient for you to win over it. This heater has powder-coated 11 fins oil filled radiators that protect the heater against rust, making it more durable. It has a three-way heating effect for instant heating around the room.

When it comes to performance, It is excellent at its job. It has Nylon castor wheels, a d metallic cover to safeguard it from the surrounding accidents. Also, it has a smart auto-shutdown feature that shuts down right before the heater hits maximum temperature, thus protecting it from overheating.


  • It is a robust product
  • It works well even during extreme cold situations
  • It is equipped with necessary safety measures
  • Generates more consistent heat


  • It is not suitable for large rooms
  • Its auto shutdown is too fast

4) Havells OFR - 11Fin 2900-Watt

Havells OFR - 11Fin 2900-Watt PTC Fan Heater (Black)

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Havell’s OFR is an oil-filled heater that can be expensive for some people. But this is one of the best heaters that is safe and works very well, even for larger rooms. This is a 2500W power oil-filled room heater with a 400W fan, which you can use as a convection heater. It has three different power setting options- 1000W, 2500W, and 2500W that can be set according to your desire.

Additionally, it comes with 11 oil-filled fins that radiate the heat for a long time after shutting down the heater, thus saving energy. These heaters have some advanced safety features such as a tip-over safety switch and overheat protection. It is built with high-quality plastic that remains cool even when the heater is on, which avoids any overheat accidents.


  • It includes a fan for convection heating
  • It consists of dust filters
  • Has some advanced safety features
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty


  • It is expensive

5) V-Guard 800 RH2QT-1000

V-Guard Unique Home Heater RH2QT-1000, Grey, 800 Watts

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V-Guard is a well-known brand in India for electrical appliances such as inverters, switchboards, and voltage stabilizers. Their new product, V-Guard 800 RH2QT Room Heater, is an ideal, budget-friendly heater for a small room. This infra-red room heater is compact, lightweight, portable, and has two heat radiating bulbs of 800W, which is capable of keeping a 100sq ft room warm for a long time.

You get two thermostat settings in this heater, 400W one bulb and 800W two bulbs, which you can turn on or off depending on the weather conditions, thereby saving the power consumption. Speaking about its safety features, it comes with a tip-over safety switch and overheats protection. So, if it ever overheats, then it shuts off automatically.


  • It is a budget-friendly room heater
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Portable device
  • It has an overheat protection feature
  • the tip-over safety switch is included
  • comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • They could have used a better quality outer case material
  • There are fewer customer service centers.

6) Usha Oil Filled Radiator

USHA Oil Filled Radiator with Over Heating Protection (3209, White, 2000-Watt)

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Usha Oil Filled Radiator is a compact portable room heater that delivers excellent performance. It is an oil-filled heater consisting of nine fins and a world-class ED oil grade system. There are three different power setting options in this heater- 800Watts, 1200Watts, and 2000watts.

This enables you to choose the desired wattage depending upon the weather conditions. It radiates enough heat to keep a 150sqft room warm for a long time even after turning it off. As for safety features, it has a tip-over switch that shuts down the heater automatically if it reaches maximum capacity and an overheat protection feature. Also, it consists of castor wheels for ease of transportation.


  • It nine powder coated fins protect the heat from rust
  • It has an adjustable thermostat
  • It has castor wheels for portability
  • Overheat protection and built-in tip-over switch
  • Outstanding efficiency and performance


  • Quite expensive

7) Bajaj Majesty RFX2 2000

Bajaj Majesty RFX2 2000 Watts Fan Forced Circulation Room Heater (Black)

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Bajaj Majesty RFX2 is two one budget-friendly heater that can be used as a room heater during winters and as a fan during summers. It has a stylish international design and a smooth surface finish. It has an inbuilt handle that makes it more handy and portable. The fan included in it makes sure a consistent air circulation making the room warm more quickly.

You will get two power settings in this room heater- 1000W for lower temperature and 2000W for high temperature. As for safety, it comes with Quadra safety assurance and has an auto-shutdown feature that automatically shuts down the heater once it crosses the safe temperature level.


  • It has an elegant design
  • It is small and handy
  • Delivers good performance
  • Dual-purpose heater
  • It has an auto shut down feature for safety


  • It is noisy.

8) Eveready QH800 800-Watt Room

Eveready QH800 800-Watt Room Heater (Black)

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Everready, QH800 is one of the best budget-friendly room heaters that are very compact and portable. It has an elegant design and has a handle to carry it around easily. It comes with dual heat settings- 400W and 800W that will let you control the amount of heat according to your choice and warms up a 12ft room effortlessly. It has LED power indicators that will show you whether the heater is on or off. This heater has twin quartz tubes that are very useful. Additionally, it comes with a safety tip-over switch that gives you a safe and sound room heating experience and avoids any possible accidents.


  • It has a compact and elegant design
  • Has LED heat indicators


  • great performance
  • Easily portable
  • Consists of the quartz tube


  • The power cable included in this is not fireproof
  • Suitable only for small rooms

9) Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant

Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater (Steel)

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The next product on our list is the Bajaj Flashy radiant room heater that fits a room of any size. It has an aesthetic yet sturdy design. It is lightweight and very portable. This 1000W room heater is capable of warming up 125sqft room within minutes. These heaters’ stainless steel makes it deliver more heat more efficiently within short times with less electricity consumption.

Its infrared heat radiating plates are made with corrosion-resistant materials that take less time to heat a small-sized room. Although there are no thermostat regulators included, these heaters consume less electricity than convection heaters. But the only thing you have to keep in mind is safety. You should let your children or pets go near the heater when it’s on. Or they might end up hurting badly.


  • ISI approved product
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Overheat protection and thermal cut off features included
  • Provides two-year warranty on the product


  • Suitable for small rooms
  • Doesn’t have multiple heat settings

10) FAVY Laurels & Gold Star

Favy Laurels and Gold Star PRIYA ROOM HEATER, ISI Approved (IS:368, Double Rod, 2000 W)

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If you are looking for a heater for your drawing room, this one from Favy is the right choice. It has an ergonomic design with a nickel-chrome plated mesh grill on the outer case. It is very portable but quite delicate. This 2000W heater radiates enough heat to warm up a 250sqft room in less than minutes. As for safety, it comes with an overheat protection feature that turns your heater off automatically if it gets too hot. The downside is that you have to keep your children or pets from the heater when it is on and let it cool first when moving the heater.


  • It consumes less power
  • It has a sophisticated design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Fast heating


  • No dual thermostat heat settings
  • You should be careful while moving it. Radiant grills can injure you if proper precaution is not taken.

Buying Guide for Best Room Heaters in India

Types of Room heaters

1- Ceramic heaters

Ceramic heaters are space heaters that generate heat using ceramic elements. This lets the heating elements to heat up very quickly. The process of heating in this heater works as follows:

  • Current passes through the ceramic heating that makes heating elements to heat up quickly.
  • The cold air is sucked from the base of the heater and passes through the aluminum baffles that heats the air.
  • The hot air is circulated in the room by the fan included in it. This is the reason why it is often referred to as ceramic fan heaters.


  • Fan included in these heaters make sure instant hot airflow
  • Compact and portable heaters
  • You can change the direction of hot airflow
  • It is a perfect heater for small-sized rooms
  • It is safe for kids and animals


  • Fans of these heaters produce noise
  • Hard to clean the dust
  • It’s not made for large rooms

 2- Oil-filled heaters

Oil-filled heaters are column heaters that are a common form of convection heaters used for domestic heating purposes. These look like traditional radiators but are smaller in size. These contain a series of columns at the base that contain diathermic oils, which serve as a heat reservoir. These heaters work in the following way:

  • The electricity flows through the heat reservoir that turns the electricity into heat, absorbed by the diathermic oil.
  • The oil movement will turn the heat to the metal columns that will radiate warmth around the room with natural air convection.


  • It is a perfect choice for office
  • It comes with anti-tip and auto shut down features
  • Energy efficient
  • It doesn’t produce any noise


  • These heaters are expensive
  • They don’t come in handy
  • It’s not a safe option around children or pets
  • It takes time to heat up.

3- Infrared Heaters

These heaters are also famously known as infrared radiant heaters. In these heaters, the thermal energy is transferred as heat to the surrounding. There are two types of infrared heaters available in the market.

  • Quartz tubes

These tubes contain a nichrome heating wire, which consists of 80% nickel and 20% chromium.

  • Tubular heating element

These heaters use metal elements for internal heating, which uses the principle of the oven. The metal casing heats up and transfers the heat to the objects that are in its way.


  • These heaters are compact and very portable
  • There is no noise produced
  • Instead of circulating air, this heats the objects and persons around it
  • Energy-efficient product


  • Cools down quickly after you switch it off
  • It is suitable only for small rooms
  • It radiates bright lights, which can be distracting during bedtime

Safety features of Best Room Heaters in India

Safety features are the most important things you should look for when buying a heater when dealing with an electrical appliance.

1- Cool to touch

As heaters are lightweight and compact, they are often moved to other rooms, and sometimes there are chances of falling over in some situations. Your pets or kids might come near the heater and try to touch them. In this case, your heater needs to cool down quickly after you turn it off to avoid any risk of injury.

2- Tip-Over Shut Down Switch

There are times when suddenly power cuts off or the heaters tips over. In such cases, to avoid any accidents, heaters must include the tip-over shut down feature. So that the heater turns off automatically on overheating or during sudden power cut off

3- Overheat Protection

Overheat protection is the must-have feature in any heater. This feature ensures that the heaters should completely turn off once its components reach an unsafe temperature that the heater can’t handle to avoid possible heater damage or fire hazards.

Protective grills are also A must include feature in heaters that covers the heating coils and thermostats. Nowadays, heaters come with sensors that detect the children or pets near them and turn the heater off when they are too close.

4- Energy efficiency

These small room heaters are meant to warm up the small rooms, unlike those centralized heaters that heat larger areas. The more area your heaters cover, the more energy it consumes. Although small room heaters don’t come with any energy efficiency ratings, you have to consider many factors to decide its efficiency ratings, such as room size, indoor temperature, insulation settings, etc.

But to improve your heater efficiency, here are some tips you should follow:

  • Keep the doors and windows of the room closed
  • Maintain the lowest temperature of the heater
  • Clean the specks of dust on the heater regularly
  • Position your heater in the right direction and use it at a low temperature to save energy

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can AC be used as a room heater?

Yes, Air conditioners can be used as heaters only if it contains the heat pump. Otherwise, the Ac will simply shut down after reaching a specific temperature. And the air conditioners with heat pumps are generally costlier than regular air conditioners.

Does a centralized heating system save more money than room heaters?

The answer to this question depends upon many factors. If you have many rooms in your house or office and are buying separate room heaters for each room, the better option would be to buy a centralized heating system.

If you live in a place where there is not much cold, you can just go with the standard room heaters to save more energy.

Based on your situation, you can choose one that suits your requirements and budget.

Do room heaters produce carbon monoxide gas?

No, heaters never produce any amount of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide gas is released when you burn the fuels, and heaters technically use electricity for heating. So, if you have a Gas heater that requires fuel to generate electricity, then it might be the case. And it is strictly not recommended. So buy any of the electric heaters mentioned above.

Where should I keep my heater in the room?

You should keep room heaters in a place where they are safe and out of reach from kids and pets. Also, make sure it’s at a safe distance from the wooden furnishers., window curtains, and any other flammable elements. Buy the heater with a cord that gives you the flexibility to place your heaters anywhere in the room. It’s recommended that your heaters are at least 5-6 feet away from you for safety and a better experience.

Can I keep the heater on all night?

Room heaters are made as safe as possible to avoid any danger, but it is not entirely safe enough to sleep with your heater on. There is plenty of reason why you should avoid it. There might be faulty wiring, which is unsafe even if you have an auto shut down feature. Also, there is a possibility that the heater will dry out all the moisture from the air, which is again can cause dry eyes or itchy skin.

So to avoid all these, keep your heat up in your room and turn off the heater before sleeping.


With this, we conclude our topic of the best room heaters in India. This review covered all the categories of heaters based on today’s technology and the varying budget. All the listed heaters in this list are from well-known brands with the premium build quality and long-term durability. We hope we were able to provide answers to all your questions regarding heaters in this article. Go through the buying guide in the article and always give importance to the heaters’ safety features.

Temperature control, overheat protection, and multiple thermostat regulators are features of a safe heater that you should look into when buying them. We believe that if you follow the guideline and go through all the reviews correctly, it will make your buying experience more comfortable. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and choose one as per your budget before the cold strikes!

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