10 Best Affordable Rechargeable Fans in India 2021

Fans are the best and affordable cooling solution during summer for people living in India for ages. But an unusual power cut that ranges for hours might ruin your experience of having the fast and expensive fan at your home. This is where the Rechargeable fans prove to be very beneficial solutions and worth every penny you spend.

Best Rechargeable Fans in India

Rechargeable fans will deliver a powerful airflow even during long hours of power cuts. You don’t need any electricity to run them as they come with rechargeable batteries and run efficiently. If you love traveling and need a cooling device to deal with the scorching heat, then it’s worth purchasing these compact fans.


This model from Time Flies is a fantastic shopping choice for consumers looking for a nice, compact, and powerful fan that can not only make a shopping experience ideal for their home but can also be held outdoors.  For a medium space or personal usage, the decent size makes it wide enough. The various speed adjustor and the LED package make it a good investment in areas where electricity cuts are frequent at the night.


  • The fan comes with an attached LED light. 
  • The fan charges quickly and lasts for up to 4 hours. 
  • It is a light and sleek product. 


  • The fan also takes a long time to get charged. 

2) Globex Rechargeable Fan

Globex 8-Inch Rechargeable Table Fan with LED Lamp (Blue)

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The Globex Strong Folding Charging Table Fan is suitable for those consumers who are seeking a portable tabletop fan, which is powerful and has fantastic battery life with incredibly useful functionality during power cuts.

An energy-efficient, compact battery that charges more quickly and also gives the unit enough power to operate more than 8 hours without creating any noticeable output delay It is a perfect option for purchasers who are looking for an outstanding cost-effective device for the home. 


  • Comprehensive color options are available 
  • Separate buttons for fan and light. 
  • Quick and easy charging 
  • Can be mounted on the wall easily.


  • Short fan performance 
  • No solar power
  • It requires proper charging before the first use.

3) Piesome Powerful Rechargeable

Piesome Powerful Rechargeable High Speed Table Fan with LED Light for Home, Office Desk, Kitchen (Multicolour)

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Piesome LED  multipurpose efficient desk fan is an ideal choice for buyers who want a lightweight and easier-to-keep personal fan, with good efficiency. The fan’s contemporary nature makes it worth purchasing for virtually any customer who hopes to purchase the best battery-functioning fan at an affordable cost. 

The sturdy frame and the fan’s incredibly solid body makes it perfect for consumers who are prepared to utilize it at their desk and not too keen to buy a model that creates excessive sound and wobbles.


  • It comes with an additional battery 
  • This is lightweight and a portable fan.
  • It lasts for up to 10 hours on a single charge.
  • The battery is of good quality.


  • No swing option is provided

4) Akari Rechargeable

Akari Ak-8012 12' Rechargeable Ac/Dc Table Fan with Emergency Led Light, Solar Chargng Facility -White (to be Assembled as per Manual)

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The Akari Ak-8008 8′′ table fan is a perfect option for buyers finding a more robust and convinient-to-use portable fan. It does not only offers improved build but is also the ideal choice for buyers searching for excellent efficiency. 

The critical thing that forced us to add this to the list is the ideal build and extremely robust finish. Along with many other good things about the fan, the classic look makes this model an outstanding machine for families that want unbeatable efficiency and longevity.


  • Activated solar power
  • A strong movement of air
  • Fan with multi-axes moving
  • Six luminous LEDs
  • Control cables built-in
  • Simple and compact
  • Quality long term


  • The charging takes a long time

5) Rico table fan

Rico Rechargeable table fan with built in battery |12 inches | Japanese Technology | with Oscillation swing for bedroom or study room |Big size for home office| High speed| with built in rechargeable battery for home & office

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The Rico Rechargeable Battery Table Fan would be the ideal choice for consumers who want design and durability and are willing to invest more money in a reliable tool. This is indeed a shiny shock to customers who seek a fan, which looks fantastic and works well in all its conditions with the numerous plus points and style hack. The ventilator can be utilized in DC and AC and is thus the best choice for rooms in which the ventilator is a must. 


  • It is made up of a Japanese technology
  • The rechargeable fan saves power and is easy to use.
  • The fan is lightweight and looks sleek and stylish
  • It lasts for up to 10 hours on a single charge. 


  • The fan is recommended only for small areas. 

6) HNESS Rechargeable with LED

HNESS Powerful Rechargeable High Speed Small Table Fan with 19 LED Light for Home, Kitchen (Assorted Color)

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The HNESS Strong rechargeable fan will be a great investment for consumers looking for an ideally built battery-operated fan supply that works incredibly well in summer. In addition to its design and performance, the fan is made a efficient buy at a price by several other things.

It is a silent and simple-to-operate fan on the market, along with its robust and extremely secure stand. The ventilator has a vibrant range of twenty-one LEDs and is a perfect option for purchasers who are searching for a multifunctional ventilator that is also ideal for emergency lighting.


  • It keeps you protected from electric shocks
  • Charges quickly and lasts for a long time
  • Looks sleek and stylish


  • No available in different colors. 


The Mr. Right AC DC rechargeable fan is a perfect device for consumers searching for a good quality compact fan with strong battery life, great features, and amazing airflow. The trustworthy heavy blades ensure consistent airflow. The solid base and the flexible head both add comfort and extra usability, which in the compact fans on the market is not so popular.


  • The friendly item for the environment
  • Broad color choices available
  • Portable 
  • No disturbance of sound
  • Rechargeable battery built-in
  • Charge 4 hours
  • Mini USB entry
  • Suitable for all power supplies


  • The only thing that the fan lags, is that it is a bit overpriced. 

8) Geek Aire, 10 Inch Rechargeable

Geek Aire, 10 Inch Rechargeable Table Fan with 7800 mAh Li-ion Battery, upto 24hrs Run time during Power Failure (Black)

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Geek 5 is the a A+ quality hand-held fan which gives high speed, great battery life, and amazing lightweight design. In addition to the goods mentioned, this product was highly successful with consumers. There are several other brands but this one is efficient in many ways.

The incredibly lightweight style is the great thing about Geek Aire. Either you should carry this model in your daily-life bag or pack it in your luggage bag. Make sure you keep the battery well charged so it can be easily discharged.


  • The rechargeable fan has a lightweight design
  • The fan looks elegant and classy
  • It is a small size fan that keeps the user sleeping comfortably. 


  • This fan has a higher price as compared to the other brands. 
  • The non-availability is a big hurdle for the users

9) Impex Breeze-D1 Rechargeable Fan

Impex Breeze-D1 Rechargeable Fan with LED Light Dual Speed Mode 3 Blade Table Fan (Black)

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This one from Impex Breeze will be a perfect commodity for customers who are looking for a high-speed fan, which can quickly keep the place fresh and peaceful. 

The fan and lights will run at 2 speeds and fluctuations so that the luminosity and speed can be regulated to meet your needs. Coming to the nature of the fan, you should particularly utilize the handle to bring the fan with you for traveling purposes.


  • LED power indicator and fan speed setting
  • Project lightweight design
  • Protection of CID and PTC circuit
  • Prices are affordable
  • Portable structure for fast transportation
  • Simple to charge charging dock


  • The fan comes only with a one year warranty

10) Geek Aire, Rechargeable

Geek Aire, 12 Inch Rechargeable Table Fan with 12000 mAh Li-ion Battery, upto 20 hrs Run time during Power Failure (Yellow/Black)

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The Geek air rechargeable table fan will be a great product for customers looking for a highly efficient battery-operated fan, with a decent build, powerful battery life, and a wide variety of features. This is a promising table fan on the market that delivers extra value at a decent price. It comes with a highly robust design, standard, and incredibly large Li-ion battery.


  • A strong movement of air
  • 6 luminous LEDs
  • Control cables built-in
  • Simple and compact
  • Quality long term


  • This fan needs more than 12 hours of battery charging time

Buying Guide for Best Rechargeable Fans

1- Size of the Fan

Size of any rechargeable fan you buy is an essential factor that determines the air delivery. You must always check the fan size beforehand so that you won’t face any issues later on. It is better to look for a small and compact type of rechargeable fan for people who travel or live in tiny rooms. As it will come in handy and will be easier to carry to other places.

On the other hand, if you live in a large room and face long hours of power cut in your area, consider buying a rechargeable fan with larger blades. You must note that these fans will cover most of the space than smaller ones but will give you powerful air delivery and serve you for long hours.

2- Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is the must consider factor when you have extended hours of power cut in your area. You should check if the fan has the option to replace the battery packs in case of damage. You should check if it comes with some replacement options and adequate battery capacity that serve you for long hours.

3- Battery Charging Time 

The battery charging time refers to how much time the fan will consume for getting charged completely from 0 to 100%. Operation duration is the total Time the fan will run after a single charge.

An average Rechargeable fan takes the charging Time around 6-8 hours. However, the charging time is decreasing day by day with the new technologies coming up in the market. This saves a lot of Time for the owner. Also, you should check on operational Time. A good quality rechargeable fan should give you around 4-6 hours of powerful airflow delivery with high-speed settings.

4- Fan Speed

Fan speed always ensures the cooling capacity of the fan. Hence, you should also check the speed of the fan before buying one. We recommend you to go for the fan that comes with adjustable speed settings. And you have to look for the rotational speed or RPM of the fan before buying. This makes sure that you are getting a fan with exceptional rotational output.

5- Noise level

No one wants a fan that frequently produces noise during its operation, especially if you’re using it during bedtime. Hence, choose a fan with a powerful motor that is relatively quiet or completely noiseless so that you can enjoy a chilling air breeze without any disturbance.

6- Pricing

Before buying a fan, you should set your budget depending upon the feature you want. Although rechargeable fans are less expensive, their price range varies according to the model, brands, and features.

Your priority should be to look for a fan with all the features you want and come within your budget. Although there might be a possibility that some features might not come in your budget, even then, those features might seem useless if the fans work efficiently without them.

Always compare the models and choose the best one with the output the way you want it to be. Again, you should never forget that you should go over the quality than the price. It’s not still that you get a good fan in the cheap price range.

7- Brand

It would be best to consider buying a rechargeable fan from the best brands available in the market. Branded fans offer the best features, exceptional performance, and durability. The brand must have a good reputation in the market and provide good customer support and warranty on the product in case of manufacturing fault. However, some of the best brands we suggest are Geek, Orbit, Globex, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do rechargeable fans last? 

The answer to this question depends on the battery durability, lifespan, and performance of the fan you buy. On average, a fan should give you a runtime of around 4-6 hours. However, you should always inspect the size of the battery while buying a rechargeable fan and consider complete charging time. This information is placed behind the pack or you could get by asking any professional.

Why should I go for rechargeable fans?

Benefits of buying a rechargeable fan:

  • It doesn’t rely on electricity
  • It is a significant solution for dealing with scorching summer during long hours of power cuts
  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • It takes significantly less space
  • You can keep it in small rooms and shops and enjoy cold air during a power cut
  • You can carry it around anywhere.

Can I use rechargeable fans while charging?

You can, but it’s recommended not to, as it may overheat the battery. Never keep the battery on with the charger plugged into it. Always keep in mind to remove it once charging is completed. Overcharging causes damage to the battery and decreases its life and durability.


In this article, we have reviewed some of the best rechargeable fans from top-rated brands that are durable and offer extraordinary performance. All the models mentioned in this article are portable models and also cost-effective. If you experience regular power cuts or other problems, we suggest you find a fan with adequate battery capacity to enjoy a chilling air breeze for hours.

We hope this article helped you in choosing the best rechargeable fans. Please go through the comprehensive buying guide and the model reviews to make a better decision process. And purchase a valuable product that is a god performer and meets all your needs—worth every penny you spend on it.

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