Top 10 Best Pedestal Fans in India

Do you need a portable yet effective fan for indoor or outdoor purposes? If so, you must go for a pedestal fan. Pedestal fans are known to offer a personalized and portable cooling experience to its user. You can use it for indoor as well as outdoor purposes and can adjust its height too.

Also, pedestal fans can save you on electricity bills. But the question is, which pedestal fan is best for you? This article is for you if you’re confused and want some of the best pedestal fans to choose from.

Best Pedestal Fans in India

We have collected the top ten pedestal fans for you to choose from. These fans are both economical and effective. So, the information below is worth a try. If you have a problem with deciding, you can always refer to the buying guide attached here.

1) iBELL CHROME10 Pedestal Fan

iBELL Hold The World. Digitally! CHROME10 Pedestal Fan, Stand Fan, 5 Leaf, 406mm, High Speed with 2 Hour Timer (Pink)

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Here comes the first pedestal fan on our list. It’s the ibell CHROME10 from a well known Indian brand. Ibell is known to produce a wide range of electronic products distributed all over India. Ibell CHROME10  is a five-leaf pedestal fan that comes with a 55W motor for a super-strong airflow. Also, it comes with a stable body with powered coated metal grills. It means the pedestal fan is both stylish and durable.

This fan can keep you cool even in the hot summers. You can easily place it before a window and enjoy the fresh air all season long.  The five-blade system helps increase the airflow, thus ventilating the entire room. It’s a modern-day fan that comes with a one-year warranty which can be extended after free registration.


  • Light in Weight 
  • Portable 
  • Strong Air Flow


  • Made of plastic, which means it requires extra care

2) iV-Guard Esfera Pedestal Fan

V-Guard Esfera Pedestal Fan with Remote and Timer; Speed: 1300 RPM, Sweep: 400mm and Power Consumption: 52W (Black)

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V-Guard is an Indian brand that has been in the industry for quite a long time. It’s known to produce reliable, cost-effective, and modern electronic products. V-Guard Esfera is one fine example. It comes with a remote control feature and is made of ABS material. It has three blades and comes with a 3-speed variation. Also, the blades rotate at a speed of about 1300 RPM. One of the best features is it comes with a thermal overload protector to protect it from short-circuiting.

The timer and remote-control features make it a decent option in a modern-day home. The strong material makes it quite durable in the long run. You’ll get an amazing 2year domestic warranty on buying this pedestal fan.


  • Stylish Design
  • Sturdy Material
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Comes with a remote-control feature with a timer   


  • The airflow is quite less as compared to other pedestal fans.

3) iUsha Pro High Speed 400MM

Usha Helix Mega High Speed 400MM Pedestal Fan (White)

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Who doesn’t know USHA? It’s a renowned brand that has been there for decades. You can find amazing ceiling fans, kitchen appliances, and pedestal fans from this brand. Today, we’ll be talking about Usha Mega 400MM. It comes with a plastic body and a durable base meant for stability. This USHA variant has aerodynamically balanced ABS blades and offers a super-high-speed of 2300 Rotations per minute.

You’ll experience an amazing jerk free oscillation with this pedestal fan. You can not only adjust the height but tilt it according to your needs as well. It’s the best variant if you’re looking for strong and stable airflow with a decorative touch.


  • High Speed of over 2300 RPM
  • Stylish & Modern-Day Fan
  • Highly durable copper motor
  • Jerk Free Oscillation and comes with a tilting feature


  • It’s quite noisy at higher speed levels

4) Anchor by Panasonic Impactor

Anchor by Panasonic Impactor 400mm Pedestal Fan (Black)

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Here comes a powerful Pedestal fan by Panasonic. Panasonic is a Japanese brand that offers good quality electronic devices. One of its amazing products is Anchor Impactor 400mmIt’s a powerful pedestal fan with a speed of 2100 RPM. The motor it comes with is quite powerful and is made to deliver the best performance even at low voltages. The black color and unique blade design make it an attractive option. The body of this pedestal fan is made of plastic, which makes it in weight. So, you can easily relocate it wherever you want without breaking your back. Also, it comes with a two-year warranty. 


  • High-Speed pedestal fan with a durable and efficient copper motor
  • Decorative option suited for all occasions
  • Long Life if taken care of
  • It comes with a 2 Year Warranty 


  • The plastic body may require extra care, especially when kids are around 

5) Orient Electric Stand-37

Orient Electric Stand-37 Trendz 400mm High Speed Pedestal Fan (Electric Blue)

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It’s time that we talk about a pedestal from Orient Electric. It again an Indian brand that serves over 35 countries across the world. We’ll today discuss its pedestal fan, the Orient Electric  Trendz. The blades of this fan with a speed of about 2000 RPM. It means you’re going to enjoy a strong airflow. The protection cover for blades is powder-coated to make it corrosion resistant and run for a long.

The pedestal fan offers a 90-degree oscillation and also has a tilt functionality. There’s a built-in thermal overload protection device which protects your motor from any damage. You can also find pianos like three-speed switches and a 2-year warranty on this pedestal fan.


  • Has a tilt mechanism
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Comes with a durable motor for long usage


  • It can be very noisy at higher speeds.

6) Orient Electric WindPro Stand

Orient Electric WindPro Stand-70 400mm Pedestal Fan (White/Blue Tint)

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Here’s another pedestal fan from Orient Electrical. It goes by the name WindPro Stand- Pedestal Fan. The WindPro Pedestal Fan is known for its low noise and effective performance. However, the speed this fan offers is quite low, which is about 1300 RPM. The fan is quite light in weight and has a plastic body.

You can find a two-year warranty with this pedestal fan from the orient. This pedestal fan is also known for its high reliability and cost-efficiency. Also, it comes with a telescopic design or arrangement. It means you can easily adjust its height.


  • Very reliable in terms of durability
  • Light in weight 
  • Three Speed Levels
  • Energy Efficient


  • Has a pretty low airflow or thrust

7) Havells Pentaforce 400

Havells Penta-force 400mm Pedestal Fan (White Green)

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Havells never disappoints its customers. Also, it’s one of the most trusted electric brands here in India. Today, we’ll talk about a Pedestal fan from Havells known as Havells Pentaforce 400 mm. This Pedestal Fan comes with an air delivery speed of about 1300 RPM. It’s a pretty beautiful pedestal fan which comes with an attractive body, perfect for your living room. You can easily adjust the height as per your convenience.

The fan possesses five blades to deliver more airflow. Even In terms of durability, this fan is quite sturdy. It’s because of a solid square base. Just like many other pedestal fans, it comes with a two-year warranty.


  • The fan is not noisy
  • It’s very reliable and long-lasting
  • It made of ABS high gloss body, which makes it attractive



  • In terms of the airflow, it’s not as impressive

8) Bajaj 400mm VPR01 Pedestal

Bajaj 400mm VPR01 Pedestal Fan with Remote (Grey)

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Let’s move to a pedestal fan from one of India’s most reputed brands: the Bajaj 400mm VPR01 with Remote. Bajaj has a history of developing and delivering cool products at affordable prices. The Bajaj VPR01 with Remote brings along acrylic blades made for the highest performance. You can set speeds according to your needs and can even set a timer. The fan delivers consistent airflow even after long usage. 

Although this pedestal fan has a speed of 1300 RPM, it still offers a very high speed. Also, it comes from a very trusted brand. It’s the reason why people love this fan from Bajaj. You don’t have to worry about the noise even at the highest levels.


  • It comes with unique acrylic blades, which make it quite attractive and efficient
  • It comes from a trusted brand with a warranty of 2 years
  • Very silent even at high-speed levels


  • Low RPM can be a problem for people seeking a super-fast and powerful airflow

9) ANSIO High Speed Pedestal Fan

ANSIO High Speed Pedestal Fan with 2 Hour Timer 400 mm / 16 Inch | 100% Copper Motor with High Speed Performance - 120 Watts 2300 RPM (Black) ***2 Years Warranty***

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ANSIO is another super popular brand known for its highly rated electronic products. We’ll be talking about ANSIO High-SpeedIt’s a feature-laden fan that is available at an affordable price. ANSIO High-Speed is known for its high-speed air delivery. It offers up to 30% more airflow as compared to other variants. It has an amazing speed of 2300 revolutions a minute, which makes it very powerful.

You can adjust its height and tilt it if you want. It has an amazing timer feature for up to two hours. You can set a timer, and it’ll go off accordingly. It also has an amazing two-year warranty which will give you peace of mind in the long run.


  • Durable motor and adjustable height
  • Two-year warranty which brings peace of mind 
  • Comes with a timer feature


  • At higher speeds, it’s known to produce a lot of sounds

10) Croma 400 mm Pedesta

Croma 120 Watts 400 mm Pedestal Fan with Adjustable Height and 2 Years Warranty(CRF0022, Black)

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Here’s an amazing Pedestal fan from Croma. Croma is owned by the Tata group, which is a big name in itself. Today, well discuss its pedestal fan known as Croma 400 mm. It has everything you need or expects from a fan. It’s a beautifully designed fan and comes with an ergonomic design. It means you need not put much effort into displacing it.

It has an energy-efficient copper motor that is built to last for a long. It comes with three-speed levels that can be tweaked according to your needs. You can adjust its height and oscillation with ease. It also comes with a twenty-four-month warranty. 


  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to carry
  • Copper motor increases its Life
  • Comes with a sturdy base and a two-year warranty


  • Noise is a big concern in this fan

Buying Guide 

We see pedestal fans are quite popular these days. Not only are they portable but also powerful and generate fairly strong airflow. They are easy to set on the floor. And if you want air to circulate in your complete room, you have a choice of a rotating and oscillating pedestal fan.

Before making a decision, a buyer must know some basic particulars about the product. You deserve something which is worth your investment. To buy a durable and reliable pedestal fan, we recommend you consider the following guidelines.

1- Energy efficiency

Various companies offer stylish looks for fans with low power consumption. Havells, Crompton, USHA are well-known brands in the Indian market. By making the right decision, you can spare yourself from paying hefty electricity bills. 

Generally, a good quality pedestal fan consumes energy around 40-120 watts. To pass your summers cool and comfortable; what you need to do is look carefully at each and every detail of the product and make your best choice.

2- Portability

Portability is an important feature of pedestal fans. Make sure the fan you buy is light in weight and easy to fix on the floor. It should be suited for small rooms and places where installing air conditioners and ceiling fans are not possible. 

So, to purchase the best quality pedestal fan, keep these recommendations in mind.

3- Airflow delivery rate

The efficiency of the fan is determined by the quantity of air circulation per minute. The higher the CMM value of a fan, the more efficient it is. Pedestal fans are also available in options where you can change the speed to low from high and to medium.  So, if you don’t want a fan’s constant speed, we recommend you choose a variable pedestal fan.

4- Thermal overload

To protect the system from thermal overload, Companies design the product in such a way that the device suffers no damage in case of phase failure. Undoubtedly, it is essential to pick a brand that offers maximum protection.

You’ll find numerous pedestal fans in the above list, which come with an in-built thermal overload device. This way, you can get maximum protection along with your pedestal fan. 

5- Rotation and height adjusting feature 

Pedestal fans offer you to change the flow of air in a particular direction. Also, if you want to adjust the height of your fan, you can explore the features of popular brands, and you will get what you desire. 

Rotation is quite a useful feature if you want to circulate air everywhere in the room. On researching or cycling through the above list, you’ll find numerous remote-controlled pedestal fans. And with this, you need not get up from your bed every time. Isn’t it amazing?

6- Check for RPM

If you need a very powerful pedestal fan for the best airflow, you need to choose a fan with more RPM. Pedestal fans with more than 2000 RPM can be quite useful here. However, such fans are known to produce a lot of sounds. If noise is not your problem, go for this.

7- Customer Reviews 

Before you buy the right pedestal fan, it is quite essential to look at the reviews of the product. If the reviews are reliable and accurate, it would be easy for you to invest in the same. 

Online ratings and reviews help in boosting the confidence of the buyers. So just have a precise look over the things, and your purchase would be worthwhile.

We hope the above guidelines have proven to be beneficial for you. So, this summer, keep yourself cool with a high-performing pedestal fan.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions which customers ask before buying a pedestal fan. You can refer to the below questions for the best answers.

What should be the length of the blades of a pedestal fan?

A range between 400-460mm is considered good for the blades. This will ensure effective cooling in your room. Also, it covers a large area to circulate air. Whether you want a pedestal fan for a small hotel room or a big party hall, it would be best suited.

What features should I look for while making a purchase?

Firstly, assure that the product is energy-efficient and portable. You can even choose the number of leaves or blades according to the area that the fan needs to cover. Moreover, know about the airflow delivery rate of your pedestal fan. That is measured according to the amount of air circulated in a minute.

So, need not worry; you can get the required information on your desired brand’s website.

Which material should I choose for my purchase?

Pedestal fans are available in different kinds of materials such as plastic, steel, etc. Well, every type of material has its benefits and limitations. Just do some research and get detailed information about durability. 

If you need something heavy and long-lasting, you must prefer a steel body over a portable one. It’s suited if you have kids at home. However, if you want to gift this to your grandparents, you can choose a plastic body that is lightweight and easy to relocate.

Also, if you know someone who has already installed this pedestal fan at their place, ask them out; it would be helpful.

Can I adjust the speed on the pedestal fan?

Different brands offer different features in their product. Most of the good brands provide you with the speed adjusting feature in the fans. 

They have settings like low, medium, and high. You can change as per your wish. Customers usually prefer variable pedestal fans to better enjoy the performance of their product. However, you’ll discover that most pedestal fans on our list come with three-speed switches.

Are Pedestal fans noisy?

Normally, very little noise is created by the pedestal fans. Even less than 70 decibels. But it also depends on the material used and the quality of the product. So, by choosing a pedestal fan of a good brand, you can get assured about the peace and noiseless environment. Most pedestal fans are less noisy at lower speed levels but can be a bit noisy when you increase the speed.

How much buying a pedestal fan costs?

Well, a normal range varies from Rs.1500-Rs.6000. Different companies have different price ranges. You would know the exact cost by visiting their website. There you will find a complete description of the price range and offers.

The pedestal fans listed above are quite affordable and effective. So, you can choose from the above without any issue.

Shall I be able to change the height of the fan?

Although, the fan with more advanced features costs a little more. But comfort and ease are equally important. If you are seeking a good quality material with a height and speed adjusting mechanism, consider popular brands like USHA, Crompton, v-guard, Havells, etc. So, yes, you can adjust the height of the pedestal fan depending on which variant you choose.

How many years pedestal fans last?

A durable and finest quality material lasts long for more than 5-10 years. You might need to repair and maintain it after every season or a few years. Clearly, this varies from product to product. 

Moreover, metal is known for its durability and sustainability. Picking up a stainless-steel pedestal fan would be a good decision on your part. 


It marks the end of our list of the best pedestal fans in India. Pedestal fans can be quite handy in places where there is less space. Such fans are known for their portable nature and energy efficiency. However, you can only enjoy the full benefit if you make the right choice. There are so many options available that it becomes hard to decide. It’s the reason we gathered extensive information, as listed above.

If you’re, somehow, unable to find the right pedestal fan for you, refer to your buying guide. You can, according to your needs, select the fan which suits you the best. Our buying guide has helped many, and you can enjoy the benefit too. If the above information or data was useful, do share it on other platforms and keep coming for similar information.

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