Best Gas Geysers For Hot Water 2022

The winters have come but no one likes bathing in the freezing cold water. And those old school rods are not effective enough. So, what should you go for then? Well, the best option you should go for is a gas geyser.

Best Gas Geysers in India

You may think why not the electric geyser. We’ll there are several reasons for that. Gas geysers are more effective in heating and cost. It’s the reason why people go for gas geysers. However, making the best decision or choosing the best gas geyser is what you need for reaping its benefits.

This post is for you if you need an effective gas geyser. We’ve gathered the ten best gas geysers in India for you to choose from. The gas geyser we’ve listed are highly rated and trusted by people all over the country.

1) Surya Instant Gas Geyser

Surya Instant LPG Gas Geyser -10L

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Surya is an Indian manufacturer of gas geysers and gas stoves. We’ll talk about its Surya Instant Gas Geyser. This Gas Geyser has an amazing 10-liter capacity, which is quite fine for medium size families. The tank is heavy-duty, which is made to last for long durations. 

It comes with an A-class solenoid, which further helps in increasing its life. It comes with an inbuilt O2 sensor and has a twenty-minute timer. Once twenty minutes have passed, it automatically cuts off. It also detects automatic device failure in case of some problem or issue within the device. It also has a three-month unlimited warranty.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Comes with a timer and an oxygen sensor  
  • Sturdy and made to last for long durations


  • The hot water flow is quite slow.


Greenchef is an Indian appliance manufacturer that has a history of producing good products such as the GREEN CHEF Glory 6L LPG. This Water Gas Geyser has a 6 liters storage capacity meant for nuclear homes. It’s equipped with an automatic 20-minute timer which cuts of the gas supply to avoid any accidents. You’ll find automatic ignition with a device that is quite the need of the day.

The gas valve used in this device is anti-corrosive. Also, the body or frame is made of steel and is known to last for a long. It has numerous controls over the body and a digital temperature indicator, which makes it look even more classy. It also comes with a one-year warranty.


  • It comes with a timer and automatic ignition
  • It has a warranty of one year
  • Its build to last for long


  • The capacity is quite low for big families.


Here comes another Indian appliance manufacturer-Jyoti. The Jyoti Instant Gas Water Heater is a fine example of its reliable appliances. It is an amazing gas geyser that is LPG-compatible and aesthetically pleasing. If you want, you can convert it into a PNG cylinder as well. It’s fully automatic and comes with a twenty-minute timer.

There’s a hot and cold system for children’s safety, and an overheat safety system to prevent unforeseen accidents. You’ll also find ODS protection along with an instant heating system; it’s a great alternative for domestic use if you need warm or hot water pretty quickly.


  • Stylish and comes with an auto cut timer
  • It comes with ODS protection and instantly heats the water
  • You’ll get a one-year manufacturer warranty with this device 


  • If you expect free installation, this product might not be a fit. The company asks for extra money for the installation


Lazer is a great Indian appliance manufacturer serving Indian users for quite a long time. Lazer Oxy LPG Water Heater is what we’re going to talk about. It is an amazing gas geyser with a 6-liter storage capacity. It comes with dry burn protection and is made of copper from within. It also has flame-out protection to prevent or avert any associated risks.

This geyser comes with an automatic ignition system and has an auto cut time too. It has a cool warranty of one year for manufacturing defects. The item is compact and is light in weight, and thus is easily mountable. There is winter and summer gas now, which helps you save gas.


  • Compact and modern gas geyser
  • Comes with a timer and lame out protection and a 6-liter storage capacity
  • Autoignition is also available


  • Not as durable as it should be

5) Surya Gas Geyser

Surya Instant Gas Geyser with Heavy Copper Tank in 6 litres Instant per Minute

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This is a gas geyser from Surya. Surya never ceases to deliver its reliable products. Surya Gas Geyser with a heavy copper tank is a great example. The Gas Geyser has a 6-liter instant per minute flow of hot water. It also comes with an ODS or oxygen depletion sensor, which makes it one of the safest gas geysers on the list. The copper tank is of high quality and is meant to last for a long duration.

It also has an overheat protection device to prevent air failures during use. It comes with a durable and good quality solenoid, which favors long and safe usage of this device. It has well-graduated temperature knobs to tweak the settings.


  • Instant heating facility
  • It comes with an in-built oxygen depletion sensor and a twenty-minute timer
  • It has a sturdy body meant to last for a long.


  • There’s no storage tank as it’s an instant geyser.

6) Indo 7 L Gas Water Geyser

Indo ISI Hot Zone Gas Geyser (White, 7 L)

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The Indo 7 L Water Geyser is manufactured specifically for Indian users. It comes with numerous benefits that attract customers to this geyser. The IndoWater Geyser produces hot water at the pace of 7 liters per minute. It also comes with a liter storage tanks suited for compact families. It has an automatic thermostat and a cutoff system, which cuts the gas supply after a certain duration.

It works fine under low pressures and comes with a pressure release valve for easy usage. The design is quite attractive, and the digital temperature indicator adds to its beauty. It also has a warranty for two years, which not many water heater brands offer.


  • It has an Inlet Water flow sensor and a flame failure protection equipment
  • 2-year product warranty
  • Knob to tweak gas and water flow intensity


  • No free installation with this device

7) Lazer Alpha 15-Litre

Lazer Alpha 15-Litre Vertical Water Heater (White)

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Here’s a gas geyser from Lazer. Lazer has a great reputation in the Indian market and is known to produce good quality appliances. This Gas Heater has a Flexi pipe and comes with a 15-liter storage capacity. The tank is fiberglass coated and is aesthetically very appealing. It has high-quality PUF insulations, which prevents any energy wastage and improves efficiency.

It can offer you hot water instantly without much wait. This gas geyser comes with a two-year warranty from the company. So, you can use it without any burden on your mind. This geyser is not suitable for PNG usage and is strictly meant for LPG inlet.


  • 1-year warranty on the product.
  • Quite sleek and stylish to look at and comes with a six-liter storage capacity


  • The body is not made of stainless steel; hence not much durable

8) V-Guard 6 L Safeflo Plus

V-Guard Safeflo Prime 6Lit LPG Gas Geyser (White)…

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V-Guard also produces awesome gas geysers at affordable prices. Let’s talk about its V-Guard Safeflo Plus Gas Geyser. This V-Guard Gas Geyseris an effective gas geyser that works quite well at low-pressure water input. It also has an overheat protection device that protects the geyser from getting too heated during use. You can find a summer and winter burner selection, which make the operation safe.

You’ll get a warranty of about two years along with this gas geyser. It has a unique double solenoid valve and an automatic ignition system. The twenty-minute auto cut timer is quite effective, especially when you forget to turn off the gas valve.


  • This product comes with a 2-year Warranty
  • It has a metal body which increases durability for long usage
  • It comes with a timer that has an auto cut functionality


  • Installation is not free with this device.

9) Hindware Atlantic 6L

Hindware Eveto 6L ISI Gas Water Heater

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Here’s a gas geyser from Hindware. It’s also a trusted brand meant for Indian audiences. The Hindware Atlantic is a gas compatible geyser, which comes with a superior safety system. It has a pretty high-tech design and works pretty well even when the inlet water pressure is quite low. Also, you can find an automatic ignition with this device.

The gas geyser comes with a winter and summer knob for safe usage. You can also find knobs to adjust the gas flow and water flow as well. This gas geyser from Hindware has a sleek design and is quite beautiful to look at. However, there is not a temperature indicator on this device.


  • Both LPG and PNG compatible as stated by the company


  • The installation is not free.
  • Not effective in the long run
  • There is no warranty, as stated by the company.


This last listing is about the Racold LPG vertical gas heater from Racold, which is available in white color. The Racold Water Heater is an instant water heater that uses LPG as direct input. It comes with a unique child lock feature to avert any dangers associated with kids. It has a six-liter water storage capacity, which seems just enough for small families.   

It has a two-year warranty and is suitable for areas with low water pressure. It’s efficient as more water is heated using less amount of gas. It means your gas cylinder will run for quite a long period of time. There are knobs to adjust the temperature to what the climate outside is.


  • Highly efficient gas water geyser
  • Affordable and effective even with low water pressure
  • Flame gas and temperature control


  • Fitting and installation are not free with this device

Buying guide for Best Gas Geysers in India

It has been a long time when gas geysers have been introduced in the market and have gained huge significant importance in the past years. Many people are unaware of the amazing benefits, and hence lack of knowledge acts as a barrier for purchasing a gas geyser in India. 

Don’t worry if you are not unable to select the type of gas geyser for your household; you are not the only one who is unaware. A Lot many people find it confusing, so we have come up with this buying guide that will provide you with buying guides for the best gas geysers.  Underlying facts and factors must be considered if you are buying a gas geyser. 

1- Design (interiors and aesthetics)

The gas geysers cannot be eye catchy, bright, and beautiful. But of course, they can be slim, compact, and robust build. The material for build-up must be suitable for standing a large number of effects, such as hard water. 

2- Look for Additional Protective Features 

Gas geysers with child lock are pretty safe if you have kids at home. Also, gas geysers with timers and an auto cut functionality work the best. For example, if you forget to turn off the geyser, the automatic timer will cut it off after twenty minutes.

Oxygen detection and overheat safety system is also a common feature that prevents accidents and offers a safe usage all year long. You can also look for climate knobs and gas flow knobs for ease of usage.

3- Solid Material

Hard water is a resistance in the working and the life span of a heater. So, a corrosion-resistant heater must be preferred. Do not look for outer style but do check for the material longevity. Some gas water geysers are sleek in design as they supply instant water and have no extra storage for the heated water. 

The slim and compact design will make it attractive and self-sufficient. 

4- Storage capacity

Not all gas geysers have any additional storage space. They supply instant heated water. There is no provision for storing water and reheating it. You do not have to wait for the water to heat up, as in the case of an electric water heater. For an instant need and use, gas geysers are the best option. 

However, you can find instant gas heaters with a storage tank if you need to store hot water for quite a while.

5- Ease of use 

The gas geyser you purchase must have buttons and operating facilities, which must be easy to understand and function. 

The complex working heaters must not be chosen, which only makes it hard for you to determine the basic way of using the heater. The only function is to provide heated water, so making a complex functioning is of no sense.

You can always choose the one with a digital temperature indication for the best functioning and ease of use.

6- Energy efficiency 

The energy efficiency (EF) of the gas heater is indicated as to how efficiently the transfer of heat from the heating element to water is. The higher energy factor must be chosen because the greater efficiency better will be the output.

The heater’s regular efficiency ranges from 0.5 to 0.6, and in some cases, the energy efficiency can go up to 0.8.

7- Replacement Warranty

It is quite essential to check the durability and warranty of the product. The gas geysers last longer in comparison to the electric heater who has a storage unit available. 

The warranty must cover all the expenses, replacement and service charges for a fixed time frame. The brand which produces the product must be reputed to assure a quality gas geyser. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked question about gas geysers in India 

Why should a gas geyser be used over an electric water heater?

There are many reasons for choosing gas geysers over electric water heaters. Some of them include- 

  • Energy efficiency –gas geysers use LPG as the main input. LPG being more cost-effective or cheaper than electrical units offer an energy effect usage.
  • Price – the gas geysers are budget-friendly while the electric heaters are highly-priced. A 6-liter gas geyser can be bought in a price range of INR 4000, while a huge investment is needed in electric heaters. 
  • Heating time – the gas geysers work faster as compared to electric heaters. The gas geysers will work in a three times faster fashion and hence are quick in the heating process. LPG has an instant supply on demand, and hence they can be used for household work. 

What’s the methodology of the working of a gas geyser?

The gas heater is made in such a manner that it provides hot water on the go. The burner is exactly located in the center of the heater, and the water flowing through the reservoir is heated. This assures quick and timely delivery of heated water. 

The gas geyser can be set to appropriate temperature variation. The temperature can be set according to personal choice. The heat which makes the water warm is transferred through LPG gas. The burner will burn the gas through a pilot light, and this process can be continued till the time the heater is in use.

What is the durability of the gas water heaters?

The durability of gas water heaters is approximately three years and above. If proper care and maintenance of the product are taken, the gas water heaters can work for longer durations.  

When is the time to replace existing gas water heaters?

There are a number of factors which tell that your existing gas water heater’s life has come to an end, and you need to replace it soon enough. The first sign is the presence of any kind of leakage. Water will build up in and around the water heater if you observe leakages. 

Another factor is if you notice that the water gas geyser does not serve its purpose of heating the water in the way it did in the past. So, any kind of changes in the method of working of the gas geyser accounts for its removal and replacement. 

Is there any noise related to the product?

The answer is no. the gas water heater does not produce any kind of noise. If you experience any noise, then it might be an indicator that something is wrong with your heater. 

Do a gas water heater leak gas?

There is a probability of gas leakage, which can happen if there is a crack or cracks. The fuel piping can be changed, and the problem can be solved. Another method is by draining the heater and removes the debris. A lot of debris at the bottom can slow the heating process. 

Is it safe for domestic usage?

In most cases, yes it’s quite safe. If you use a long pipe that is attached to the taps and the LPG supply remains outside, it’s very safe. Moreover, if there’s proper ventilation in your bathroom, it reduces the chances of any mishappening to almost negligible. So, yes, you can definitely use it for domestic purposes, but with some basic precautions.


So, we’ve completed our list of the best gas geysers in India. Our list includes gas geysers, which are highly rated and are branded too. You can choose whatever capacity you want in accordance with your family’s needs.

Gas geysers are highly efficient as compared to electric ones. So, you can definitely go for them. Have you decided yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t. With so many good options, it usually becomes hard to make a choice. However, we can help. In this article, you would have gone through a buying guide that can help you make the right choice.

It includes some general pointers or features you should look for before buying a gas geyser for your domestic usage. If you haven’t gone through the buying guide, find it here. It’s easy to implement and will definitely help make a better decision.

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